10 rs coin banned by RBI ? Reality explained

today , after lunch i went to have buttermilk . when i took out 10rs coin to pay to shop keeper, he denied .

shopkeeper: “sir , we dont accept 10 rs coin. please give us note .“,

me:”huh?? why? whats the problem with this coin?

s:”Sir, its banned by government , dont you know ?

m: “boss, who told you this ?

s:”sir you can see Facebook or whatsapp  messages, i can show you

(shows some posts and images which was circulated in his group..)

me:”did PM announce this ? did RBI announce this ? did finance minister announce this ?

another colleague of shopkeeper:” sir please give note sir , we are receiving counterfeit coins “

me:”this is genuine man , also i donot have change, i only have 500 rs note .”

s:”ok give me”

i gave him 500 rs note and he handed over 490 rs balance to me .

i wonder how ill-informed are people who believe in some fake posts on facebook and whatsapp ..

below is the original circular by RBI(Reserve Bank of India)


PS:please click on image or zoom to see the above circular more clearly

my sincere advice is to people in india , not to believe in Facebook and whatsapp forward messages and post blindly .. refer different genuine sources and then decide.

if my understanding wrong, kindly throw some light on this so that i can know the reality better .

Question of the day :

Have you been in similar situation where anyone has denied to accept 10rs note ?

comment back & share your experience.

My Money Master Details –

I had earlier written about maintaining your personal finance data. I told you how it can help your dependents.

Now I dint tell you how I organize those. I usually have an excel sheets for that.

I do have created a website accessible locally connected to my local database where I import these data from excel to web app. This  acts as an additional back up.

i do it for a simple reason that i will have track of my cash flows,updated information of my financial data .i have a consolidated report. hence it is also important to update it periodically

Now what information do I have in excel? I have 5 major sheets and below is the structure

Sheet1->my Mutual Fund Investments. You can see I have goals attached to each asset class

It contains below columns


Next sheet contains info on tax declaration to save Income tax

Tax saving Products Amount Financial year
PPF xxx 2015-16
ELSS xxx 2015-16
Health Insurance xxx 2015-16
LIC xxx 2015-16
HRA xxx 2015-16
PF xxx 2015-16

In the next sheet I have Income tax projection for the whole financial year. I cannot show it here since its huge table data

In the next sheet I have Insurance details


Next sheet shows Bank deposits data

Bank Acoount# Account Type Amount Remarks

The next sheet contains information on additional income other than you salary/regular paycheck

This may include the rent you get from your property

Property Rent Advance Location Remarks

The last sheet contains all addition information you may like to keep. i have my LPG gas connection details stored


This is how I maintain master data . do it if you like this idea. Again this is for day 3 of my photo challenge. photos are very small . but it conveys appropriate message from me .

PS:click on the image if its not clearly visible

How i started Blogging

I started this journey of blogging around 3 years back. I was a popular blogger in my organization where there were internal blog sites and I was named as “Most informative Blogger

But when I started I dint know what topics to write on. and I say serial love stories , photography blogs , fiction blogs were  floating around and if I selected these genre I would have been yet another story teller in huge crowd .

Then I thought I aint a crowd follower but I had an urge to share some valuable much information which no one did there. And I had this interest in personal finance

I started to share my thought on Money Management. I was initially criticized, made fun of, I got sarcastic comments and there were only 2 to 3 people who would show interest.

But I did not stop there. I kept sharing and gradually over a period of 45 days people started liking it as it was much valuable information I was providing which was helping them understand their cash flows , investments , savings , risk factor So on and so forth .

I used to get responses like this:

@Sup, at this age I think you should enjoy life.. Not to worry about financial details…

And I simply used to reply

“Thanks. I do enjoy as well as I’m responsible enough to meet a many financial and personal goals.. If not me, who else will support me reaching that
I enjoy present also and I keep myself secured financially for a rainy day also”

Sometimes there were heated up arguments on my methods and their thought process. But as days passed on, people started liking my post, my Ideas.

someone wrote

The one and only Sup who will give info on managing money!

I did blog about lot of other topics as well. Every time I blogged I got wonderful response and gradually I became a little more popular.

Now that I wanted to share was that It was a fruitful decision of starting a blog and my organization gave me certificate of achievement and awarded me “Enterprise Blogger of the year”.

So this is it . keep writing Keep sharing .

I leave you with this thought “your passion should become your quest to discover more about you and do incredible things.

Anger Aimed

Aie yo!!It’s no poem, just 2 lines of hatred and anger. For the people I met but received no love but hate.
Money, the real evil plays its role very well and may sometimes control a human’s deed.
These are the people who never came to my rescue or help; neither did I have a close bonding.
But money is the only thing which they are concerned about. So I just spew my anger aimed to them by writing these below lines 
—————————————————— —- —
You gave me nothing but hate
With the filth in your mouth and guilt in your mind.
I would reckon and just cogitate
Never gave me a smile
When troubles would replicate
I know your ears would perk up
When you hear me grow
But just the pat on my back I needed
You never would know
Now you came for the money, for no love you gave
Every phone call you made makes me sick, that’s what I say
You gonna lick my feet lets settle it now
You have no emotion just look at me and listen
I’m not your friend you; get nothing from me
you better stop this envision
Now I’m not the same
You thought I’m sinless and naive
To grab the cash,  and never see me again?
For all thee lousy stinking plans you did
Sprouting out of your mom’s evil seed
I’m coming back m gonna explode some day
Let’s play the dirty game, I’ll show you the way.

Abundance in life -Money or Happiness?

we all like being rich, having luxurious life. but ever thought , “Is Money the only thing we need in Life?”

my friend sent an image with a nice quote . it says “you are considered to be truly wealthy if you have all that which even Money cant buy ” very profound but yes i had to agree with that.

of-course, in the city we live , to the kind of lifestyle we are trying to adapt to and rate at which inflation is growing and cost of living is increasing , so as our needs are increasing which requires a good amount of money Practically.

but on the contrary .even if you acquire all the assets you desire but you loose your mental peace , your focus , then do you think these monetary gain is worth acquiring.?

there are hundreds of things to be achieved in life apart from money.  beautiful relationships with your dear ones, the pleasure of achieving your personal milestones (even if it’s small) 

somewhere is read ->”Happiness transports you to a higher vibration. You make connections with people that generate opportunities. -Erica Nelson”

it might not be appropriate to discuss whether money is important or not .. but i must say “you being happy is important”





IDFC presents -ONe Idiot

Yesterday i was watching a documentary  movie by IDFC AMC called “One Idiot” which emphasizes on financial literacy among youngsters.

Message was very informative  captivating . straight and simple .

Start saving/investing  Early.

know the power of compounding.

Do not Spend Unnecessarily.


If you buy things you don’t need, soon you will have to sell things you need“. -warren buffet
Being responsible and Disciplined is the key for financial freedom .
i remember i used to have piggy bank in my schooldays. i used to go to bring milk everyday and save 1 rs daily . and 1 fine day i took ‘hero Ranger’ cycle  from that .. oh !! that took lot of persistence  😉
Long Back i had read a book called :Rich Dad Poor Dad” and this movie sends out the message on being systematic when it comes to your money .
all i say is be  knowledgeable and informed about how things work and take interest in taking a step forward towards your goals  . don’t be negligent .
a 30 mins movie worth watching . happy to share it.