How i started Blogging

I started this journey of blogging around 3 years back. I was a popular blogger in my organization where there were internal blog sites and I was named as “Most informative Blogger

But when I started I dint know what topics to write on. and I say serial love stories , photography blogs , fiction blogs were  floating around and if I selected these genre I would have been yet another story teller in huge crowd .

Then I thought I aint a crowd follower but I had an urge to share some valuable much information which no one did there. And I had this interest in personal finance

I started to share my thought on Money Management. I was initially criticized, made fun of, I got sarcastic comments and there were only 2 to 3 people who would show interest.

But I did not stop there. I kept sharing and gradually over a period of 45 days people started liking it as it was much valuable information I was providing which was helping them understand their cash flows , investments , savings , risk factor So on and so forth .

I used to get responses like this:

@Sup, at this age I think you should enjoy life.. Not to worry about financial details…

And I simply used to reply

“Thanks. I do enjoy as well as I’m responsible enough to meet a many financial and personal goals.. If not me, who else will support me reaching that
I enjoy present also and I keep myself secured financially for a rainy day also”

Sometimes there were heated up arguments on my methods and their thought process. But as days passed on, people started liking my post, my Ideas.

someone wrote

The one and only Sup who will give info on managing money!

I did blog about lot of other topics as well. Every time I blogged I got wonderful response and gradually I became a little more popular.

Now that I wanted to share was that It was a fruitful decision of starting a blog and my organization gave me certificate of achievement and awarded me “Enterprise Blogger of the year”.

So this is it . keep writing Keep sharing .

I leave you with this thought “your passion should become your quest to discover more about you and do incredible things.

Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

30 thoughts on “How i started Blogging”

  1. I’m truly inspired. It takes immense strength and conviction to fight against all odds and criticisms and to eventually emerge victorious. I’m very happy for you, Supreet! You’ve got miles to go…
    P.S. Teach me how to go about with savings when I get a job. Will you?

    1. Thanks . somewhere are read take the stones people throw and make an monument .
      Well sure i can teach you . im happy to . provided you remember to ask me then 🙂

      1. What i have observed is 20 to 30% women take independent decision on financial planning. I may be wrong . but yeah its always good to increase financial literacy

      2. Exactly! It’s always good to hear about different opinions regarding a single matter. It keeps you open-minded and helps you take the correct decision.

  2. Nice to read about your blogging journey from being the best blogger at work to starting your own blog on financial literacy. I am impressed by the fact that different opinions did not dissuade you from following your passion for blogging. Keep going.

    1. Thanks Somali .people who criticized me made me go look for more information on that .

      and i believed finance was an integral part of our lives and you cannot escape from that . after all its our life our money so why show negligence on that.. so i kept learning and kept sharing

  3. Congrats Supreet 🙂 The mob knows only how to discourage, trample and weigh you down. It was good that you decided to go on with your endeavour. Ultimately, we write because we have stories or messages to convey. To take it or not to take it is up to others. 🙂 Keep writing!

    1. Perfect.. I have written so many technical blogs too but do not worry about how maby comments i get .. Because information is for me .. I refer to it when i need .. So keep doing the good work and comments will follow on its own

  4. Keep writing Keep sharing .

    I leave you with this thought “your passion should become your quest to discover more about you and do incredible things

    Terrific – I also went over to your anger poem – thought that writing a poem is often exactly the quest in your quote – in the writing and the sharing, I discover things about myself. Did I like them?? Not relevant, once I see I have the chance to decide, if I dont see, chance is lost

    1. Thank you so much . i generally avoid such anger and emotional outburst. but sometimes i need an outlet .

      coming to this post , what i feel is when you have passion you focus on whats worthy and i just had to trust myself and do whatever i was supposed to . that kept me going

  5. Congratulations my friend! ❤ Couldn't be happier for you to receive such a honorable award from your organisation! Keep it up, keep shining, keep inspiration! I know there are many more to come for you!!! 😉 Thanks for this inspiring post! 🙂

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