Is your Goal SMART?

I have been discussing with people enough about the savings/ investing. People also have realized why it is important.
After all, why are we working so hard? To fulfill our bigger dreams. Isn’t it?
All right, somehow reluctantly people said OK to save some money out of their salary but ever wondered,
is our current savings enough to fulfill our dreams? If not, why? (I know we dint get enough hike). It’s just lack of systematic goal setting
Is your goal SMART Enough (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely)?

I recently met an old friend who earns 15k per month and wants to own a 3BHK flat in Bangalore in 3 yrs.
I asked him how much have you saved until now, for which he answered 10k in 2 yrs.
The very first thought, which came into my mind, is how he is going to achieve it.
Instance 2)
I also met a lady who says she wants she wants 800,000 for her child’s next 10 yrs.
She has been earning 35k/month and saving 10k per month.
I appreciated her efforts. Moreover, I wished her good luck.
Do you see the difference? It is all about how clear are they about their goals, and how systematic the woman is.
I know people complain of having lack of time and patience for this. However, somewhere I read
over pessimism will kill your present & over optimism will kill your future.

IDFC presents -ONe Idiot

Yesterday i was watching a documentary  movie by IDFC AMC called “One Idiot” which emphasizes on financial literacy among youngsters.

Message was very informative  captivating . straight and simple .

Start saving/investing  Early.

know the power of compounding.

Do not Spend Unnecessarily.


If you buy things you don’t need, soon you will have to sell things you need“. -warren buffet
Being responsible and Disciplined is the key for financial freedom .
i remember i used to have piggy bank in my schooldays. i used to go to bring milk everyday and save 1 rs daily . and 1 fine day i took ‘hero Ranger’ cycle  from that .. oh !! that took lot of persistence  😉
Long Back i had read a book called :Rich Dad Poor Dad” and this movie sends out the message on being systematic when it comes to your money .
all i say is be  knowledgeable and informed about how things work and take interest in taking a step forward towards your goals  . don’t be negligent .
a 30 mins movie worth watching . happy to share it.