Spend Analyzer



I logged in to my bank website check my transaction history and accidentally stumbled upon a link there which read “spend Analyzer”

Now basically what is does it allows you to allocate your budget for a month.

There are various categories given which helps you segregate your expense projection.

Now once allocation is done and you save the changes, you have an option for notification

This helps you get notified when your budget reached the specific Percentage. Let say I set it 90%

Here is the below screen shot

spend analyser



Now let’s look at pro’s

  1. Your expenses are controlled
  2. You will be notified well in advance about your budget completion and there by you can plan well in advance


  1. Categories are not sufficient enough
  2. You are unable to add or customize the category

Although I have better ways that I use to plan and regulate my cash flows, but I would like to use this option for a month and see how it works.

PS: figures you see as amount in the screenshot are hypothetical values and not my actual budget projection

I leave you with a thought. How do you regulate your expenses?

IDFC presents -ONe Idiot

Yesterday i was watching a documentary  movie by IDFC AMC called “One Idiot” which emphasizes on financial literacy among youngsters.

Message was very informative  captivating . straight and simple .

Start saving/investing  Early.

know the power of compounding.

Do not Spend Unnecessarily.


If you buy things you don’t need, soon you will have to sell things you need“. -warren buffet
Being responsible and Disciplined is the key for financial freedom .
i remember i used to have piggy bank in my schooldays. i used to go to bring milk everyday and save 1 rs daily . and 1 fine day i took ‘hero Ranger’ cycle  from that .. oh !! that took lot of persistence  😉
Long Back i had read a book called :Rich Dad Poor Dad” and this movie sends out the message on being systematic when it comes to your money .
all i say is be  knowledgeable and informed about how things work and take interest in taking a step forward towards your goals  . don’t be negligent .
a 30 mins movie worth watching . happy to share it.