My Money Master Details –

I had earlier written about maintaining your personal finance data. I told you how it can help your dependents.

Now I dint tell you how I organize those. I usually have an excel sheets for that.

I do have created a website accessible locally connected to my local database where I import these data from excel to web app. This  acts as an additional back up.

i do it for a simple reason that i will have track of my cash flows,updated information of my financial data .i have a consolidated report. hence it is also important to update it periodically

Now what information do I have in excel? I have 5 major sheets and below is the structure

Sheet1->my Mutual Fund Investments. You can see I have goals attached to each asset class

It contains below columns


Next sheet contains info on tax declaration to save Income tax

Tax saving Products Amount Financial year
PPF xxx 2015-16
ELSS xxx 2015-16
Health Insurance xxx 2015-16
LIC xxx 2015-16
HRA xxx 2015-16
PF xxx 2015-16

In the next sheet I have Income tax projection for the whole financial year. I cannot show it here since its huge table data

In the next sheet I have Insurance details


Next sheet shows Bank deposits data

Bank Acoount# Account Type Amount Remarks

The next sheet contains information on additional income other than you salary/regular paycheck

This may include the rent you get from your property

Property Rent Advance Location Remarks

The last sheet contains all addition information you may like to keep. i have my LPG gas connection details stored


This is how I maintain master data . do it if you like this idea. Again this is for day 3 of my photo challenge. photos are very small . but it conveys appropriate message from me .

PS:click on the image if its not clearly visible

Tracking personal finance details

Many of us have our  savings and investments in different banks,AMC’S . we may have salary ac in 1 bank and savings ac just to save money like rd’s and fd in other banks.

We may have invested in several mutual funds. Few life insurance policies

But how do u keep track of all ur details regarding this periodically and get the consolidated report from it.

Let me share what I do.

I keep track of all details using a portal called

All u have to do  is sign up for this and add ur bank/MUTUAL fund/insurance ac details which is one time activity.

Then onwards viewing of updated details is just one click away .. the moment u press Auto update portal with sync with ur bank/MUTUAL fund/insurance ac  and show u the updated details .

Thus u can keep track of all those and generate consolidated reports for ur reference

Majority of its features are free .

Perfios App can also be downloaded in the mobile

Email/sms alerts are also available

Uploads of statements possible

Generate reports in xl/pdf format

If u want to keep track of only mutual funds u can also have a profile in

There are other method to get consolidated reports like CAMS/karvy.

So this was abt my way of keeping updates.

we should definitely try out some soft wares which provide a different options and features to securely track the data periodically, there is lot they provide free of cost and all you need is to put your data there

If any other methods are there please do share