Is Physical Exercise Necessary?

I was just thinking , if there is something I missed doing in the last few years , is my focus towards fitness.. we work in the corporate world for 8 hrs without much physical activity and no exposure to vitamin D, packed in an AC room and gradually watch your belly fat inflate day by day .

And I realised recently it’s equally important to have a healthy body and it needs some amount of work to have a good metabolism .

I started looking out for options , i thought of taikewundu (martial arts), kick boxing , power yoga and what not . but finally chose muscle-building option since i have a lean muscle .

past 3 weeks, I have been training on muscle-building however i did explore a lot about it.intention was however to increase the strength and fitness level.

I explored more about how our body functions , a little bit more on anatomy of our body.

I started lifting weights and gradually see my body get pumped up .i read about how healthy diet can make a difference and started following the diet and how the blend of proteins , carbohydrates and fats in the required quantity gives required amount of energy and make you more fit .

i started following a daily routine of exercises and how each muscle can be activated with the help of mind-muscle connection .

now after a month i feel more positive and confident about my body and accustomed to a healthy routine. this will continue .. but do leave your thoughts on what do you think about the physical exercise , it is necessary or you still feel lazy and procrastinate things ?


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

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