The true Survivors

what would you do when you are left alone in the death zone of Everest .

what would you do when you are the lone survivor of aircraft crash

what would you do when you left to die amidst the jungle ..

well pretty difficult situations arise and im sure nature will test your ability to survive in such extreme and not so pleasant circumstances .

i’m sure now the only name which comes to our mind is “Bear Grylls” . No??

OK how many of us are fans of the most popular show on discovery channel called

“Man v/s Wild” ? he is one of the extremely talented and toughest adventurer and survivalist .

now what made me write this blog is whenever i go on for travelling or trekking i also do come across some unexpected situations and have managed to handle those situation. and bear grylls is in a way inspiration for me . i wonder who inspires him to take such risks.

he says his determination to survive. but he also mentions few people whose real life incidents are driving force .

and few such examples are mentioned in his new book called “TRUE GRIT”


as i read the horrifying experience by the survivalist mentioned in the book im sure it hasn’t been a cake walk for them , its truly an experience of hell on earth .

its raw, candid , and most incredibly inspiring.

he remembers Winston Churchill’s words, in his book, “if you are goin thru hell, keep going”

he mentions George Mallory who couldn’t survive on mount Everest but his name is carved in every climbers heart who tried to conquer Everest even before sir Edmond Hillary and Tensing did .

Nando parrado, who survived aircraft crash and had to eat human flesh to stay alive on mountains where temperature at night  dropped at -40.

the most difficult part was an act of  cannibalism

Juliane koepcke , who survived aircraft crash and survived in the jungle(forest) for 10 days with broken bones, where there was no clue of human habitation , she dint have machete, no equipment to light the fire , no resource to make shelter ..

she even drank dirty water and escaped attacks from american cousin of alligators and piranha .

many such stories are mentioned in the book. this isnt a book review but a lot more about how people never gave up even in the most impossible situations .

what kept them going is their determination,resilience and will power.



Trekking taught you what ?

Trekking for me Is not just about physical strength but about mental strength too. well amidst the 9-6 job we always forget the value of exercise and physical fitness but at least trekking reminds you about the value of having a healthy life
I remember the moment my knees cried for rest. my joint pain was excruciating and the reason was my preparations were good but wasn’t sufficient for a hike 6000 ft hill.
But something kept me moving. that’s my internal power which was screaming not to stop till I reach back the base camp.
The weather was still in my favor, with the support of the hiking pole and a desire to reach on top of the small mountain and come back to base camp before time was a what made me complete the challenge

Now that’s time management lesson for you to learn it yourself .
None did believe, just by a practice of long distance walking I would be able to do it easily.
People did mock by saying, “you will know your capacity during this “
Yes, test of capacity was done by the nature. but I never gave up easily. endurance, persistence, will power is all it takes along with physical strength. a goal which was crystal clear for me. it was very much visible.

Hiking does test your decision making capacity. now essence of team work is best seen while trekking .I got teammates over there who extended their hands there were times when I lost the route and I had to make quick decision to get back on the track. I was always told to walk at own pace and not to hurry . well on the contrary our society says you to join the rat race but trekking always tells you have a little patience. of course goal is always there but at the same time you should enjoy the journey too .

I was made to use my resources efficiently. the amount of water I had to drink, the pace I had to walk and climb, the amount of time I could rest for a while are all small things one should be able to decide on. Act of survival is a key here.
Mother nature is a great will discover there are many things is life so amazing than FB 😉 we celebrated teacher’s day yesterday in India and for me mother nature is the best teacher.

My first step towards EBC training

I have this dream of trekking till mount Everest Base camp. Yeah I know people dream about summiting and I only intend to go till Base camp of about  17,500 ft height above sea level. But that even isn’t easy task at all. of course Everest is a lifetime dream but  I’m only focusing on basecamp


May be I want to train my body for 2 yrs for that. I have interacted with few mountain climbers and they have helped many a novice like me to plan.  and this is how I plan

  • Keep your body Hydrated

Your body need to be hydrated most of the time . so Im just increasing the intake of water each day . high altitude can have adverse effect on your body and can cause altitude sickness. I plan to drink different fruit juices everyday . at least  2 glasses each day

  • Exercise

Physical fitness plays  a vital role in climbing at such heights where oxygen level is so low.

As im used to long distance walking , I will have to do some running too to increase my stamina

Monday Running for 30 mins
Tuesday Exercise like warm ups
Wednesday Cycling for 30 mins
Thursday Running + exercise for 60 mins.
Friday Cycling for 30 mins
Saturday Walking 30 mins + pranayama
Sunday Relax.Just Dumbles
  • I need to hit the gym also.Naaah!! you got it wrong. aim is to be fit rather than body building. BTW we have no elevators day every Friday in our office. we are not supposed to use lifts. I follow it strongly .. 🙂
  • I need to  buy all the necessary equipment’s like pair of trekking boots, jacket, water carrier, sun hat as sun can be powerful many a times . I will be making a list of them soon .btw you can get all these in Namche bazar which is last stop where you can get all the accessories before Everest but as a traveler you might have to shell out more money if you do not know the art of bargaining .
  • I have even been into road trip and trekking to near by smaller hills, I’m planning to spend few more weekends with BMC(Bangalore Mountaineering Club) where I can get more experience in trekking mountains and valleys . there is another one called Base camp adventures which take you to more advance mountains like Kilimanjaro also.. but that I would plan after I feel im more fit for that .
  • I used to run Marathons in my previous company(Spirit of Wipro run) with minimal exercise or most of the time without training..but this requires a 10 time greater amount of training.
  • I know this is not at all sufficient. Human body is not designed to work well on high altitudes but this is my first baby step. this plan may change every month .Amidst the daily corporate 10-6 job , finding a work-life balance has become a adventure in itself for many .. but as a travel enthusiast this could be a different experience altogether

all these are about physical fitness . I will write more on mental fitness in y coming posts




Travel plans ahead..till Dec 2016

I have always been a travel lover as much as I love reading . and someone rightly said

“World is a book and if you haven’t traveled, you have read only a page”.

the kind of experience gained by travelling is invaluable . different cities, different weather , different people and culture and you got to visit exciting places around the globe.

how much have I traveled ?


well I have this dream of covering 29 states in a fist step. 7 continents is still In my bucket list but you have hell lot of amazing places in India to be explored by me yet .

So here are few places I travelled

a)Himachal Pradesh : have been to kulu, manali and Shimla . horse ride to kufri ,Rohtang pass snow point was dream come true and ideal for a guy with  mountain madness

b) Chandigarh : rock garden and a walk to sukhna lake in the morning, visit to gurudwar   was beautiful and peaceful  in its own way.people are so hospitable.

c)Rajasthan : though I had been to Jaipur I couldn’t visit much places as I had my connecting flight from Jaipur . but I visited Mount ride to gurushikar ,boating in  nakki lake,dilwara jain temple,sunset point was the way to enjoy the weather  for 2 days in a very cold weather of about 6 degree

d)Ahmadabad : the calmness and serenity I found in Sabarmati ashram, Akshardham ,kankaria lake was amazing .

e)Karnataka : place where I live . I am a bangalorean and I keep visiting places in and around Bangalore.

Aurangabad: magnificent ellora caves is worth visiting 

Mysore , Tumkur ,Hubli-dharwad(my native) ,Srirangaptna,hassan,belur halebid,chikmaglur , hornad, shringeri ,dharmasthala,udupi are some of the major places I often visit .

Mysore is known for its dussehra celebration. But would be too crowded so I went off season to palace , chamundi hills , zoo and national park and yes brindavan garden .


PS: I haven’t mentioned all the places i traveled under the above mentioned states as it would be a lengthy blog . these are just highlights

Now 3 places on my list next is

  • a) ooty ,kodiakanal
  • b)Andaman nicobar
  • c)Munnar and Waynad

Now what I would love to hear from you fellow bloggers is . who ever has traveled to these places can give their suggestion on place to visit , to do things in the above mentioned 3 places.

however I always make my own plan when i travel but i would love to get your views too