you very lucky!! beware PHISHING email attack

you often get mails which makes your  heart delighted for a moment. but then if you see the proper content you will be shocked to know that these are just scams, some kind of the trap .

beware this might be PHISHING.

what is PHISHING:this is a trick by which hackers try to lead you to malicious or unintended link which would lead you to give away sensitive information .these email seems legitimate . authentic. but they aren’t .  see below examples of email i got :


below is the email that seems to be from YES Bank. i do not have an account in that bank .

look at the email address . it’s from some domain called .. is this an authentic domain name of YES bank. highly impossible . now if you desire to open an account and click on the given link , you will be redirected to malicious website which again may seem legitimate and you would give away sensitive info without your knowledge .




Look at the below email. i do not own credit card or i havent applied for any . but it says application is processed . how ??

observe the email id again ? which bank is this ??? never click on any links given below .



wow state bank of india giving away gift vouchers of worth 5000 INR ?? why ??

i almost died laughing when i observed the emailid . it says

since when SBI changed its domain to … haha





wow accenture is recruiting me ?? when did i apply again ?

i did apply but the interview process is already done . they even have my reference number .

but did you observe the signature below ? “Accenture in india” ???






accenture domain changed to monjin******.com??? some one save me …




so beware of these kind of attacks. and comment me back in the email if you have received similar mails and your views on how do tackle this .


i got this tiny gadget from Amazon

have you ever thought how nice it would be if you have flash on the front camera of your phone ??  some android phone do have but majority don’t have. at least my phone dont have . so now as i unbox this tiny gadget i see a wonderful small  device which works as a selfie flash .

its called Photron  Selfie Flash FL100.

it has 16 led inside.all you got to do is plug-in this into your phone’s audio port ,switch on the device as start using it .

there is button to switch between high , low, and medium intensities according to your requirement .

this comes with a small USB cable to charge it. but you got to charge it for more than 1 hr.

this can be used in poor light situations to take photos and also use it as a torch if your phone doesn’t have one inbuilt .

comes in 3 colors (white, black and pink). i got black one.

overall pretty nice device for the money . i got this for around 250 INR(around 4$). hmm thats a cheap fix to have  front flash

here is how it looks.


below is comparision of how much difference it makes with and without using flash in a very dark place.

Do let me know in the comment section what you think about this tiny little device


Budget Mini-Tripod for video making and webcasting .

We love video making, but we don’t want that to be messed up by making shaky videos.

we need some stabilization right?. so for that i would recommend using tripods.

OK, i will answer few questions asked by my colleagues regarding the same

colleague 1:” Hey supreet, I have heard , you often do webcasting in conference room , what tripod do you use for that

Me: “ Mini Tripod

colleague 1:”mini ? whats that? can you tell me more

me :”Sure . mini tripods , as name suggests are small and can be used on your laptop table, conference more stacking books to make it stand appropriately.

colleague 2:”OK, which brand to use?

me:” depends on your budget . if you want a branded one. go for “Joby or Manfrotto

Manfrotto costs you around 1200-1600 INR . stability is great.

“colleague “: “my budget is 500 INR . what do you suggest

Me:” ah!  i use Chinese item called YUN TENG YT-228 as i also had this budget constraint.”

can you show us ?

me : Take a look (shows him the tripod)


colleague:” that small?? and you get cellphone mount too ?

me :”yes you can mount cell phone or cameras like point and shoot one , DSLR and action camera

colleague3:”how much did it cost you

me”its 400 INR

colleague1:” any other advantage?

me :

its fold-able , affordable , quality is good and durable (i have been using since 6 months now ) 

you have 360 degree rotation provision which helps in taking photos/videos in different directions easily 


can fit action cameras so that it can also act as monopod .


foot pad gives good grip and balance to it .

“Colleagues” :”Thanks for that Sup

To All reader : hit back in the comment section to share what tripod you use for webcasting . oh yeah!! vlogging also.

You can also mail me -> 

PS:images taken from differnt websites .





My First Action Camera

I got this tiny little camera day before yesterday and the first question my colleagues asked me was “What was that” someone asked me “is that a spy camera ?” i said ” its my tiny DSLR haha ”  oh well! looking at its size anyone would be surprised.

it weighs not more that 70 gms and white in colour .looks elegant.

now when i announced it’s an action camera someone from behind, who had some knowledge asked me “is that a GoPRo?” i said “its an alternative to that

yes for all you guys who own a GoPRo, i got something similar for even cheaper price

this is called Xiaomi YI . of course a chinese model with an international version .

before i review , let me tell you what action camera is .

An action camera or action-cam is a digital camera designed for filming action while being immersed in it.(that’s what wiki tells me )

now Xiaomi is well-known chinese brand . Take a look at it.



now this has single button to start/shutdown. and the same button is used to switch between Camera mode and Video mode .

a capture button on the top to capture photos and start video recording

A wi-fi button to activate the WiFi so that you can connect to your mobile too.

I aint sure if GoPro basic hero has wi-Fi option ..goPro fans , please confirm

Device Setting :

now you might be wondering there is no LCD screen . so how do we customize the setting..

No worries. you got to install YI camera app , connect to your phone Via wi-fi and BooooM .. play around


this is a 16 Mp camera with 1080p/60 fps.. so a good quality videos are expected

What comes with package ? 

I ordered this from . you get nothing but a battery and a USB cable along with camera .micro SD cards which you insert in your phone is compatible with this .

So additional accessories are to be purchased separately .

Oh Well!! if you think GoPro accessories would fit .. it’s a big disappointment that it doesn’t.

well mic quality is yet another disappointment . it doesn’t match with GoPro.

well this is it for now . PS:images taken from google.


comment below on how is your experience with your action camera , it can be a GoPro or any other can also email me -> if you want to share anything in specific about the post




what resists you from making a difference

via Daily Prompt: Resist

how often we resist the urge to take a big step ahead ?

how often do we realize it it is not OK to resist the ideas which might take us one step close to our dreams .

it does happen . this resistance might be due to various constraints . various situations .

Society’s impact on your aspirations

parents who are forcing you to follow conventional path which is disconnected from your passion .


family responsibilities, financial crisis , laziness, procrastination , fear of rejection .. if you keep on counting you will end up finding zillions of reasons .

think .what would have happened  if you had not resisted a thought transforming into action which could lead you to world class life

what resists you from giving more in your relationships?

answer me in the comment section , have you resisted any such game changing ideas bringing into execution . would love to know .


This is why we aren’t open to all ?

Akhila wrote a thought provoking post asking “why are we not open to all

im just making an attempt to present my thoughts on it

we all keep observing people’s behavior and we are many a time aware of people’s acceptance level with whom we keep interacting with

now when we find the acceptance level of other’s is low, may be we hold back from sharing it with them . this has happened with me too .

now we also assume things like what would the opposite person reaction may be .

if we feel the reaction may not be in our favor , again we hold back

it might also depend on our acceptance level, when the opposite person’s views are not inline with ours we may not like it sometimes, we may fall into heated up arguments and thus to avoid that we do not open up ourselves with certain people

we may many a times feel, what if my ideas are not convincing enough for others to consider it as a game changing idea  

thus we choose a few people where we open up more and share our thoughts.



Solidarity challenge ..

Blogging is Great. interesting to read many ideas are shared on 1 common platform.

but then blogging is always not about Producing good content , but also about giving back isn’t it ?

i feel spectacularly nice when i get a chance to interact , i when i receive likes on my post , i treat that as a part of appreciation . but then how much do we give back the same ?

my simple rules is to support and inspire your co bloggers . i’m not gonna talk about tips on how can we do it..but what i want to do is thank SuccessInspirer and Amulya for presenting Solidarity award and encouraging me to write more inspiring stuffs

Now more information can be found here solidarity-support-challenge

Keep supporting each other cuz its always nice to help each grow , as leaders, as poets , as singers, as writers.. so on and so forth.. most importantly as human beings ..