Anger Aimed

Aie yo!!It’s no poem, just 2 lines of hatred and anger. For the people I met but received no love but hate.
Money, the real evil plays its role very well and may sometimes control a human’s deed.
These are the people who never came to my rescue or help; neither did I have a close bonding.
But money is the only thing which they are concerned about. So I just spew my anger aimed to them by writing these below lines 
—————————————————— —- —
You gave me nothing but hate
With the filth in your mouth and guilt in your mind.
I would reckon and just cogitate
Never gave me a smile
When troubles would replicate
I know your ears would perk up
When you hear me grow
But just the pat on my back I needed
You never would know
Now you came for the money, for no love you gave
Every phone call you made makes me sick, that’s what I say
You gonna lick my feet lets settle it now
You have no emotion just look at me and listen
I’m not your friend you; get nothing from me
you better stop this envision
Now I’m not the same
You thought I’m sinless and naive
To grab the cash,  and never see me again?
For all thee lousy stinking plans you did
Sprouting out of your mom’s evil seed
I’m coming back m gonna explode some day
Let’s play the dirty game, I’ll show you the way.


My Apology to a good friend. just wanna say i’m sorry your anger is justified.

m just here to say .

i ain’t letting you down
amidst the motha fuckin haters ,
you ain’t walk this road alone .
there’s isn’t a way
that could stop you being sad, mad on me
i dint even realise so much you counted on me
i’m sorry i hurt you, but be brave
i’m back again ‘ima stand by yo way
take a moment to Listen
they gonna diss you and make yo pain amplified
sit back kick back know their intention
or go be their friend again
i aint gonna talk to to them again.

we’ve seen the worse,everyday they curse,

Nobody ever cared , spared

you held the pillow ,but never cried

you’re unstoppable , believe me ,you’re incredible

no,i’m not insane .i’m better this way
you were my friend and will remain the same