Exploring Sikkim- Gangtok

Being an avid traveler and travel enthusiast I love visiting different place around the globe. Here i have answered few questions that i have been asked.

Why did you take this trip and choose this destination?

North east India has been road never travelled by me and alluring beauty of lakes, river, always mountains, greenery has always been a driving force for my travel and Sikkim has all of them
Hence I wanted to explore the culture, the food and the beauty of Sikkim so decided on the place

How were the locals and hospitality there?

Locals in gangtok were very helpful they guided me wherever needed. drivers especially spoke to me about their culture, language, food and weather which I liked the most.

How was the weather there?
Weather was excellent covered with fog, brutally cold times.it rained every now and then .sometimes it was difficult for the drivers since visibility of the roads were very poor due to fog
Average temp was around 19-20C and at time it used to go even lesser than that.

How did you reach the destination from your hometown?

We started from Bangalore and took a flight (spice jet) to bagdogra airport which is nearest.
From siliguri, we were taken to gangtok via cab which is approximately 5hrs journey

Which hotels did you stay at (please tell the name)? How were the properties?
We stayed in a hotel called khangsar villa which is a 3-star hotel. Though it wasn’t a pleasant experience, we did spoke to hotel reception and they quiet helped us.
This hotel is near to market called MG road which is a popular local market.

Which restaurants did you visit on your trip & how was the food there? (Please tell the name, services, cost, and USPs if you came across any)
I do not particularly remember names of the restaurants but we did look for vegetarian food and especially south Indian. I did explore local food and my family looked for idlis and dosas.
We found popular restaurants in MG road market where we got a plate of idli which cost us 60Rs per plate.

How was the shopping experience at your destination and what would you suggest travelers to buy from there?

Shopping is pretty cheap in the local market. We got few night wears as it was cold, we got some show pieces as a gift to our friends.
Everything from food to clothes are available at cheaper and affordable price.

Were you satisfied with the budget of your holiday? Was there anything you felt was missed out?

The travel was within our budget and nicely planned. We did bargain a little . however due to landslides in north Sikkim, we missed out seeing few places like gurudongmer lake which I was looking forward to visit. however, we visited alternative places
Overall for a family of 3, it wasnt burning our pockets

On an average, how much were your personal expenses? (To give a brief idea to the other travelers)

We dint had much of personal expenses other than purchasing few clothes and gifts + food expenses
Food expense was approximately 300-500 per days for 3 of us
Extra personal cab charges to market was (40+180) to- and fro. From hotel to market it was 20rs each and while coming back from market it was 180 rs for a family .
We spent less than 5-6k for 6 days which includes shopping. however, it can be reduced if you dont do shopping at all or do minimal shopping.

What would you advise other travelers to pack for this destination?
Warm clothes and comfortable clothing. A good dslr camera, an action camera to capture wonderful scenic beauty, a cap to cover ur head and ears as it might get extremely cold in winters or monsoon especially

What were the best attractions you visited & experiences you had on your trip?
Best attractions were, nathula pass, baba mandir, tsomogo lake, waterfalls, char dham in namchi. Zero point
Something interesting I found was that people do follow traffic rules, drivers do not over take and honk unnecessarily.

Higlights of some attractions.

Day 2: — Gangtok Local Sightseeing
Day 3: —Namchi(char dham, sai mandir)

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