10 rs coin banned by RBI ? Reality explained

today , after lunch i went to have buttermilk . when i took out 10rs coin to pay to shop keeper, he denied .

shopkeeper: “sir , we dont accept 10 rs coin. please give us note .“,

me:”huh?? why? whats the problem with this coin?

s:”Sir, its banned by government , dont you know ?

m: “boss, who told you this ?

s:”sir you can see Facebook or whatsapp  messages, i can show you

(shows some posts and images which was circulated in his group..)

me:”did PM announce this ? did RBI announce this ? did finance minister announce this ?

another colleague of shopkeeper:” sir please give note sir , we are receiving counterfeit coins “

me:”this is genuine man , also i donot have change, i only have 500 rs note .”

s:”ok give me”

i gave him 500 rs note and he handed over 490 rs balance to me .

i wonder how ill-informed are people who believe in some fake posts on facebook and whatsapp ..

below is the original circular by RBI(Reserve Bank of India)


PS:please click on image or zoom to see the above circular more clearly

my sincere advice is to people in india , not to believe in Facebook and whatsapp forward messages and post blindly .. refer different genuine sources and then decide.

if my understanding wrong, kindly throw some light on this so that i can know the reality better .

Question of the day :

Have you been in similar situation where anyone has denied to accept 10rs note ?

comment back & share your experience.

Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

37 thoughts on “10 rs coin banned by RBI ? Reality explained”

    1. I am amazed by the same, getting 490 Rs. in change is something unbelievable.
      Supreet, i think you should try some luck at lottery, you seem to have a good one here😂😂

  1. So, Modi ji banned the notes and I went to this shopkeeper.
    I took my stuff and passed him the coin, a ten rupee and he refused to take it.
    I was like “Kya hua bhaiya, pese nahi loge?”
    And he replied, “Note do yaar.”
    “Kyo sikke me kya dikkat hai?”

    And he tapped this chocoalte jar in front of me, pura 10 ke coins se bhara hua😂

  2. Well ,you are right..!! People are becoming so dependent on these fake posts on social media…! Heights…!!!😶😬😕

  3. Sounds ridiculous. But yes, people who do not have much access to information, readily believe whatever they come across. I haven’t across this situation yet, but I’m still to find someone who would give me that huge a change. 😛

      1. Absolutely. I didn’t want it sound like I didn’t believe you. I’m rather shocked on how ignorant people get. It’s foolish to believe what comes across on social media, that has hardly anything to do with reality.

    1. Yes you see.. People have to get correct information . we educated people should stop spreading false news . then layman will be more informed. Thanks for sharing your experience

  4. I didn’t even know this message was circulated – thankfully I see it in use all around me. It’s sad how some people spread fake news – and people simply forward without verifying it!

  5. Omg.. how stupid that fellow was who actually gave all of his denominator to receive Rs10

    About the question?
    Well, even before people or shopkeeper says such shit, they stick the paper cutting on their shops published in the newspaper. And if someone denies to take or give it, one can file a complaint against him/her.

  6. In Uttar Pradesh some time back in a district the Rs. 10 Coin was being boycotted by everyone including a nationalized Bank and that when the District Magistrate came in and announced that Rs. 10 coin is a Legal Tender and anyone rejecting it shall be booked on sedation charges. The 10 Rs. coin is indeed a Legal Tender and NO ONE can reject to accept it. If anyone dares, at least I will bash them and take to task.

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