Anger Aimed

Aie yo!!It’s no poem, just 2 lines of hatred and anger. For the people I met but received no love but hate.
Money, the real evil plays its role very well and may sometimes control a human’s deed.
These are the people who never came to my rescue or help; neither did I have a close bonding.
But money is the only thing which they are concerned about. So I just spew my anger aimed to them by writing these below lines 
—————————————————— —- —
You gave me nothing but hate
With the filth in your mouth and guilt in your mind.
I would reckon and just cogitate
Never gave me a smile
When troubles would replicate
I know your ears would perk up
When you hear me grow
But just the pat on my back I needed
You never would know
Now you came for the money, for no love you gave
Every phone call you made makes me sick, that’s what I say
You gonna lick my feet lets settle it now
You have no emotion just look at me and listen
I’m not your friend you; get nothing from me
you better stop this envision
Now I’m not the same
You thought I’m sinless and naive
To grab the cash,  and never see me again?
For all thee lousy stinking plans you did
Sprouting out of your mom’s evil seed
I’m coming back m gonna explode some day
Let’s play the dirty game, I’ll show you the way.

Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

45 thoughts on “Anger Aimed”

  1. They say forgiveness is a divine virtue. 🙂 And one should leave the company of ungrateful people. Hope everything turns out well!

    1. thanks friend. yeah i couldnt forgive hence i stopped talking to them. i need to grow in life and keep my family happy and safe. do not want to take negativity around me. hence detached completely from them

  2. It’s necessary to be angry at times. However, the most important thing is to channelize the anger to deliver something fruitful. By not interacting with them, you are not venging your emotions. Instead, you’re harbouring the hatred and negativity inside you. It’s not easy to forgive, I admit. However, it’s not even easy to forget what you’ve been through. So, I would suggest you to let your anger become your strength. Show them through goodwill what you are capable of and what your worth is instead of showing them that you are superior to them. In the end, it’s your inner self that matters, not those people. Think about it. 🙂

    1. Great insights . however you should be surrounded with the people who can lift up and hence i detached with them . Poems are the way i could vent out this anger and not letting negativity affect me . Bruce Lee wrote all his worries in a piece of paper and lit the fire and burnt to it . and that’s how he burnt his worries .. i have advanced through my life and now those people are off my back ..

      1. i will have to .. because i’m Supreet and i’m not mike tyson or bill gates or somebody else.. but what helps is the way great visionaries have succeeded will become source of inspiration if i associate with great people 🙂 my 2 cents .thanks friend 🙂

  3. Nice poem here… Well said, if you write down your feelings, whatever it might be, give you so much of relief afterwards. And whereas anger is concerned, try to stay away from it as possible as you can… It will be good for you 🙂 Stay happy always ❤

  4. Just hope you are always surrounded with positivity and love! Forget about the negativity and keep moving forward! These type of people always exist to put down down, but what’s most important is come back up and show how happy you are 🙂

    1. yeah initially i felt i must make them realize what i am made up of . but then realized im draining my energy into it . they know how evil they are . world knows. i should channelize my anger towards my betterment is what i felt eventually

      1. I’m glad you are now channelizing your anger towards your betterment. Just remember you are way better than they are. Just keep doing what you are doing! There are a lot waiting for you out there 🙂

    1. oh Friend , you know from where these kind of poem come from right.. its an outburst which emotions go out of control and i need to let it out in some form 🙂

    2. Nominating you for Infinity Dream award .
      I want you to talk about your dreams, aspiration, and goals in your next post. That’s the challenge I’m giving . Keep rocking .

  5. One of the best way to deal with anger, Mr. Blogger you are doing good and i think that guy would be happy to know that you’re a blogger not boxer 😉 kidding.. nicely said. Keep Posting and Be Calm!

    1. i dont know why people happen t read only this poem of mine 😉 i would like you to read other poems also .
      yeah the more i keep anger within myself it starts controlling me , so better to vent it out in piece of paper.
      thank you so much for reading 🙂
      Keep reading my other blogs as well 🙂

  6. Sometimes we just have to move on, forgive and forget. I am glad you surround yourself with people that wish you well<3 Smiles, Bella

    1. oh!! bella this was written long back . now i have moved on.. Thank you for reading. you can also read other poems written by me 🙂
      Cheers n Love

      1. I love to read your poems, so I will check out newer ones as well:) I am glad you have moved on<3 Cheers and love Sup

  7. The message in this post is something I can relate to very well. Sometimes people take our silence and kind nature for granted and a reply is necessary. Very well put, great work.

  8. Um… that was pretty strong… 😀
    A good one, though. You must have become happier after writing it, all the burden of anger unloaded… 🙂

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