10 rs coin banned by RBI ? Reality explained

today , after lunch i went to have buttermilk . when i took out 10rs coin to pay to shop keeper, he denied .

shopkeeper: “sir , we dont accept 10 rs coin. please give us note .“,

me:”huh?? why? whats the problem with this coin?

s:”Sir, its banned by government , dont you know ?

m: “boss, who told you this ?

s:”sir you can see Facebook or whatsapp  messages, i can show you

(shows some posts and images which was circulated in his group..)

me:”did PM announce this ? did RBI announce this ? did finance minister announce this ?

another colleague of shopkeeper:” sir please give note sir , we are receiving counterfeit coins “

me:”this is genuine man , also i donot have change, i only have 500 rs note .”

s:”ok give me”

i gave him 500 rs note and he handed over 490 rs balance to me .

i wonder how ill-informed are people who believe in some fake posts on facebook and whatsapp ..

below is the original circular by RBI(Reserve Bank of India)


PS:please click on image or zoom to see the above circular more clearly

my sincere advice is to people in india , not to believe in Facebook and whatsapp forward messages and post blindly .. refer different genuine sources and then decide.

if my understanding wrong, kindly throw some light on this so that i can know the reality better .

Question of the day :

Have you been in similar situation where anyone has denied to accept 10rs note ?

comment back & share your experience.

Travel plans ahead..till Dec 2016

I have always been a travel lover as much as I love reading . and someone rightly said

“World is a book and if you haven’t traveled, you have read only a page”.

the kind of experience gained by travelling is invaluable . different cities, different weather , different people and culture and you got to visit exciting places around the globe.

how much have I traveled ?


well I have this dream of covering 29 states in India.as a fist step. 7 continents is still In my bucket list but you have hell lot of amazing places in India to be explored by me yet .

So here are few places I travelled

a)Himachal Pradesh : have been to kulu, manali and Shimla . horse ride to kufri ,Rohtang pass snow point was dream come true and ideal for a guy with  mountain madness

b) Chandigarh : rock garden and a walk to sukhna lake in the morning, visit to gurudwar   was beautiful and peaceful  in its own way.people are so hospitable.

c)Rajasthan : though I had been to Jaipur I couldn’t visit much places as I had my connecting flight from Jaipur . but I visited Mount Abu.bike ride to gurushikar ,boating in  nakki lake,dilwara jain temple,sunset point was the way to enjoy the weather  for 2 days in a very cold weather of about 6 degree

d)Ahmadabad : the calmness and serenity I found in Sabarmati ashram, Akshardham ,kankaria lake was amazing .

e)Karnataka : place where I live . I am a bangalorean and I keep visiting places in and around Bangalore.

Aurangabad: magnificent ellora caves is worth visiting 

Mysore , Tumkur ,Hubli-dharwad(my native) ,Srirangaptna,hassan,belur halebid,chikmaglur , hornad, shringeri ,dharmasthala,udupi are some of the major places I often visit .

Mysore is known for its dussehra celebration. But would be too crowded so I went off season to palace , chamundi hills , zoo and national park and yes brindavan garden .


PS: I haven’t mentioned all the places i traveled under the above mentioned states as it would be a lengthy blog . these are just highlights

Now 3 places on my list next is

  • a) ooty ,kodiakanal
  • b)Andaman nicobar
  • c)Munnar and Waynad

Now what I would love to hear from you fellow bloggers is . who ever has traveled to these places can give their suggestion on place to visit , to do things in the above mentioned 3 places.

however I always make my own plan when i travel but i would love to get your views too