we had annual day celebrations at office last week . and it was named “Pulse”

whole week there were many events conducted and one of them which I enjoyed was collage making competition  which we won .

topic was given on spot. the theme we got was “Global Warming

initially we thought this was a boring topic and we aren’t gonna get much content from the newspapers given to us .

but then when we started, we explored many images and many complementing words and sentences which we used to make this collage .

On the left hand side of the cardboard we pasted images related to causes and effect of the global warming , and on the right hand side we pasted what we can do to reduce it.

now when we explained our thought process to judges they were quite convinced and it looked appealing too .

But at the end when our name was announced as winner , it was a real surprise .

Below if the picture of the collage


we had performed Hip hop also which was liked by most of the people there.

overall it was fun week .

how did your week go ??? do let me know .

I would like to end this with a small quote which inspired me for the above event

The secret of innovation is to see what all see but think what none think-Robin sharma




Its been almost a week and few really good things happening around . one of them is that many of my school friends have suddenly appeared in my Phone Contacts. and they have ensured that every bit of old memories are cherished .

WhatsApp is such a crazy thing.1 hr u go for a meeting and 150 conversations pops in. and these are my old pals sharing their  craziest stuffs happened during schooldays . it’s been nearly 15+ years since i met them.. but each of them remember me . that’s commendable now. 🙂

whatsApp is such a crowd puller. amazing

Thanks to Maithri who created the group. i don’t even know if she reads this . but yeah. few people are so humble and down to earth.

she is one of them.

Thanks to Suraj for sharing pics . he is one friend with whom i had spent memorable  school days . be  it sports , bird watching ;), or studies , having fun,dance

Satish got married & has become little extra responsible guy now.. i had been to his marriage . but the fact is he dint forget to invite me

Sonu is still a little Japanese Doll(That’s what i Call her)

sridhar settled in Switz with lot of money in swiss bank . i remember we used to go home together from school.

Tejesh,Manoj,Ajay and others.. Thanks for being in touch no matter what.

My friend said the distance, lack of words, fights, or busyness doesn’t limit you. If you really want to express your love to someone, you will find a way.(@sai_Ki_Bitiya) how true

Guys you are all rock-stars. Keep in touch.wish to meet you all soon