Its been almost a week and few really good things happening around . one of them is that many of my school friends have suddenly appeared in my Phone Contacts. and they have ensured that every bit of old memories are cherished .

WhatsApp is such a crazy thing.1 hr u go for a meeting and 150 conversations pops in. and these are my old pals sharing their  craziest stuffs happened during schooldays . it’s been nearly 15+ years since i met them.. but each of them remember me . that’s commendable now. 🙂

whatsApp is such a crowd puller. amazing

Thanks to Maithri who created the group. i don’t even know if she reads this . but yeah. few people are so humble and down to earth.

she is one of them.

Thanks to Suraj for sharing pics . he is one friend with whom i had spent memorable  school days . be  it sports , bird watching ;), or studies , having fun,dance

Satish got married & has become little extra responsible guy now.. i had been to his marriage . but the fact is he dint forget to invite me

Sonu is still a little Japanese Doll(That’s what i Call her)

sridhar settled in Switz with lot of money in swiss bank . i remember we used to go home together from school.

Tejesh,Manoj,Ajay and others.. Thanks for being in touch no matter what.

My friend said the distance, lack of words, fights, or busyness doesn’t limit you. If you really want to express your love to someone, you will find a way.(@sai_Ki_Bitiya) how true

Guys you are all rock-stars. Keep in touch.wish to meet you all soon



Never wanna Lose

Sometimes in life there are phases when we  may loose something precious . or may be someone precious.. we may or may not realize.. but when we look back, the beautiful memories starts to haunt and tears roll the cheek unexpectedly..

we crave for that lost care , wish that precious thing was with us now . yeah now for that very moment .. wish we would hold tight and never let go away from us..but then, even before we open our eyes only to find we have lost the precious thing ..

I was remembering some of the finest moments of my life and shuffling my playlist .. I heard this beautiful song by “Passenger” called “let her Go”

lyrics goes like this

“Well you only need the light when it’s burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go”

I know how this feeling of emptiness is.. emotionally you feel numb and paralyzed, the lost smile on the face says it all.

My confession: Life goes on..but somewhere in the corner of your heart the pain on my knees, I say.. “I’m sorry to hurt someone , if I did unknowingly”.life is too short to loose something precious.

Love and cheers


GR8 Source of Happiness


There are few things i believe would definitely make ur day memorable.
meeting a good old friend.. or exploring 1000 things in life with a very nice friend after a long time is one of them.
we talk, we share ,we laugh,we care and remember all those moment spent together and it gives lots of happiness and relief.
we have few people around us with whom we may be emotionally attached , seek guidance , and we hope not to loose them forever..
Probably due to uncertainties of life we may get a little drifted away from our very good friends but then, when they reappear just when u were thinking “wish he/she was here” with you and all u want to do is hold them and share your heart out, it will definitely be a cherish-able moment and inexpressible moment.
but then don’t forget to show gratitude and appreciation for all the good things they did for u
be kind enough to them , understand them and i’m sure you will feel connected and make u feel more blissful.