Watch “National Digital Library . IIT KGP initiative. Android preview” on YouTube

IIT KGP in collaboration with HRD has come up with an initiative called National Digital Library .

they have a collection of about 6.5 million e books. you can search by category,by course , by genre and download the ebooks. of-course they have app also available on google play

this is especially good for engineering students who can’t afford to buy expensive books

there are other genre books too .. you can also download audio books and in video format  .

check my new video on that


Watch “How to become an android youtuber. Easy tips” on YouTube

Many of us love creating YouTube channel but people hold back from starting it. They wait for right set of equipments . I have been doing everything on mobile phone . so I suggest don’t wait for anything if you wish to start . start with whatever you have .

Here in this video I have mentioned few essential things which is enough to start your YouTube channel in a budget friendly way or with negligible investment on equipments . do watch till the end

Watch “Channel Trailer” on YouTube

Watch my new Channel Trailer . this gives idea about what my channel is all about we create technical tutorials on various programming language . Subscribe to my channel if you would love to learn new technologies every day like, sql server, Angular js, MongoDB, Redis etc..
question of the day .. have you created your channel trailer for your YouTube channel? if yes how did you do it 

Create awesome custom thumbnails on android


I see many people on YouTube who are not uploading appropriate thumbnails.

a)have misleading thumbnails

b)leave YouTube itself to choose thumbnails randomly from the video which may not be seo friendly or user friendly or do not give proper message to viewers .

c)Sometimes it may look messy too..

Sometimes we aren’t able to access our desktop or laptop to create custom thumbnails .

Now I made a video to show how easy it is to create thumbnails on android phone . it may also work on iPhone . please check .

The app name is pixellab. See the video I created which explains it all

I’d like to share this video.

How to create YouTube thumbnails from android phone

Question of the day is ,”what app or software do you use to create custom thumbnails for your YouTube videos”

Tools for Screen-casting that i use

After all the research so finally i have started to record my Technical tutorials for my YouTube channel.

Below are my Tools used for Screen Recording

Audio: The best advice i received was to invest in some good microphone. and i stumbled upon BLUE microphone .

i also ordered Kadence POP Filter which eliminates unnecessary noise while you record the audio.this costs 590 INR


Audio is recorded on Audacity software which enables audio tuning and pitch correction  capabilities

i got this elegant BLUE Snowball ICE microphone which is easy to plug n play .Cost:4200 INR


Screen Recorder : For now i wanted to get SCreenflow but ended up using Camstudio and Open Broadcast Software . (cost :Free)

As far as video is concerned i got this Logitech Webcam HD c920 from my friend which gives a decent Output .

Costs around 6-8k INR . but i got it for free

Let ,me know if you have used any other tools for producing good decent videos .

Below one is the Budget YouTube Setup

Product Amount(in INR) in USD
tripod+ cell mount(Photron stedy 450) 979 14.36
microphone (Blue snowball Ice) 4300 63.23529
Lavaliere mic(generic) 390 5.72
pop filter(Kadence) 590 8.65
TOTAL 6259 91.96529


Need Suggestion. best Screen Recorder

Folks ,

I’m planning to start my YouTube channel .  I will be recording and sharing my technical videos over there.

I’m looking for best free and open source screen recorder for windows 8 PC .

I have been using VLC and camStudio   and windows movie maker earlier for editing .but  quality isn’t up to mark .

I’m asking help from all you YouTubers out there to suggest the best screen recorder and video editing software you have come across.Also which microphone do you use?. i currently use iBall but again quality sucks .blue yeti/snowball is too expensive for me .