Be clear about what you want

We all seek for Pro tips for success sometime I was asked to share success tips by few of my juniors during a session. First question I asked them was “what is success to you?”

There was a silence for few minutes. Gradually there were responses from many.

Mr. X said “Money”, Mr. Y said “Great career”, Ms. z said “being good daughter to her parents & becoming Rich “so on and so forth. For me it sounded little generic desire.

Now I was wondering what Pro-tip I can give. “be clear about your vision and when obstacles are ahead remember u still have ray of hope when you don’t give up”

I could see some confused faces. Maybe that was some greeko-latin jargons for them.

Now I just told them to do a simple thing, which I used to do.

Make 3 columns. Name the column headers as “Goal”, “Target date”, “what’s my next Move”.

Later I had suggested to make a list of things which is stopping them achieve each of their goal.

And fill 3 rows of that table. Within 15-20 mins I could see amazing things with better clarity in what they had written. All I say is if you are clear about what you want it becomes easier to plan how to accomplish it.

I had also made them write their “bucket list” (a list of things to do before they die).

Like, I have made List of movies to watch List of Books to read and list of Places to visit.

I leave you with this beautiful thought “Nothing Rises Suddenly. Not even Sun” so have vision and work towards it systematically.

The true Leaders

It was wonderful evening I spent with the people who are truely amazing . their thoughts , their action plans were spectacularly incredible.
They are housewives , students but still women who have recognized their potential within and have taken a step ahead to make a difference. To be a leader in their own role. Let me share some if their fantastic visions.
Vijaylakshmi. Who has taken initiatives to clean e-waste and recycling of those.
My aunt Rajeshwari who has started her own yoga classes.
Priyal ostwal who is an MBA graduate has an incredible passion for paintings has her own art firm .
Shikha who has started her own art gallery .
These are the people who believe in making their dreams turn into reality.
They have 1 thing which they have recognized within themselves which they are expert in and have mastered it.

This left me truly inspired . It would be unfair if I don’t appreciate the efforts of khushbu , C.A by profession and deepali an active leader from Deshpande foundation ,in mentoring, coordinating the wonderful event of rewarding these talents .
Finally I apologize I don’t remember few names but still I congratulate them.

I leave you readers with this beautiful thought by Robin sharma.
ideation without execution is just a delution