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Many of us love creating YouTube channel but people hold back from starting it. They wait for right set of equipments . I have been doing everything on mobile phone . so I suggest don’t wait for anything if you wish to start . start with whatever you have .

Here in this video I have mentioned few essential things which is enough to start your YouTube channel in a budget friendly way or with negligible investment on equipments . do watch till the end

Budget Mini-Tripod for video making and webcasting .

We love video making, but we don’t want that to be messed up by making shaky videos.

we need some stabilization right?. so for that i would recommend using tripods.

OK, i will answer few questions asked by my colleagues regarding the same

colleague 1:” Hey supreet, I have heard , you often do webcasting in conference room , what tripod do you use for that

Me: “ Mini Tripod

colleague 1:”mini ? whats that? can you tell me more

me :”Sure . mini tripods , as name suggests are small and can be used on your laptop table, conference more stacking books to make it stand appropriately.

colleague 2:”OK, which brand to use?

me:” depends on your budget . if you want a branded one. go for “Joby or Manfrotto

Manfrotto costs you around 1200-1600 INR . stability is great.

“colleague “: “my budget is 500 INR . what do you suggest

Me:” ah!  i use Chinese item called YUN TENG YT-228 as i also had this budget constraint.”

can you show us ?

me : Take a look (shows him the tripod)


colleague:” that small?? and you get cellphone mount too ?

me :”yes you can mount cell phone or cameras like point and shoot one , DSLR and action camera

colleague3:”how much did it cost you

me”its 400 INR

colleague1:” any other advantage?

me :

its fold-able , affordable , quality is good and durable (i have been using since 6 months now ) 

you have 360 degree rotation provision which helps in taking photos/videos in different directions easily 


can fit action cameras so that it can also act as monopod .


foot pad gives good grip and balance to it .

“Colleagues” :”Thanks for that Sup

To All reader : hit back in the comment section to share what tripod you use for webcasting . oh yeah!! vlogging also.

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PS:images taken from differnt websites .