Help them Grow as Leaders

I see 2 category of people again. Those who help people succeed and those who laugh at other’s failure

I definitely appreciate the Category “A” people for the only reason, they help grow more leaders

They guide people to achieve their milestone, they know how hard it was for them to reach pinnacle and they wish to share the ideas on reaching pinnacle with others.

There is a positive vibe when you are surrounded with such people

These are the people who believe in positive transformation of self and the society

They believe country needs more true leaders and they can help people evolve as leaders

Now we also see many people around us, who never contribute in other’s significant work. Never help or guide people, never succeed themselves. But they just mock at other’s failure.

Now surround yourself with such people and look at what you become in few days.

So what do you want to be called as? Leaders or victims? With whom do you wish to be surrounded with?

I leave you with this thought –

“Think about the People in your Life who need to be cherished, appreciated and told that their support has been helpful”

(No need to update some status in FB that u love them. just be grateful to them. Ha-ha 😉 )

I like to thank all the people who lifted my morale when I was down and guided me achieve few of the milestones I have set in my life.

This was also a part of a 5 day Photo challenge . I just random thought which come across my mind today and I made an attempt to share this . attaching a photo regarding the same


Be clear about what you want

We all seek for Pro tips for success sometime I was asked to share success tips by few of my juniors during a session. First question I asked them was “what is success to you?”

There was a silence for few minutes. Gradually there were responses from many.

Mr. X said “Money”, Mr. Y said “Great career”, Ms. z said “being good daughter to her parents & becoming Rich “so on and so forth. For me it sounded little generic desire.

Now I was wondering what Pro-tip I can give. “be clear about your vision and when obstacles are ahead remember u still have ray of hope when you don’t give up”

I could see some confused faces. Maybe that was some greeko-latin jargons for them.

Now I just told them to do a simple thing, which I used to do.

Make 3 columns. Name the column headers as “Goal”, “Target date”, “what’s my next Move”.

Later I had suggested to make a list of things which is stopping them achieve each of their goal.

And fill 3 rows of that table. Within 15-20 mins I could see amazing things with better clarity in what they had written. All I say is if you are clear about what you want it becomes easier to plan how to accomplish it.

I had also made them write their “bucket list” (a list of things to do before they die).

Like, I have made List of movies to watch List of Books to read and list of Places to visit.

I leave you with this beautiful thought “Nothing Rises Suddenly. Not even Sun” so have vision and work towards it systematically.