This is why we aren’t open to all ?

Akhila wrote a thought provoking post asking “why are we not open to all

im just making an attempt to present my thoughts on it

we all keep observing people’s behavior and we are many a time aware of people’s acceptance level with whom we keep interacting with

now when we find the acceptance level of other’s is low, may be we hold back from sharing it with them . this has happened with me too .

now we also assume things like what would the opposite person reaction may be .

if we feel the reaction may not be in our favor , again we hold back

it might also depend on our acceptance level, when the opposite person’s views are not inline with ours we may not like it sometimes, we may fall into heated up arguments and thus to avoid that we do not open up ourselves with certain people

we may many a times feel, what if my ideas are not convincing enough for others to consider it as a game changing idea  

thus we choose a few people where we open up more and share our thoughts.



show me your best post.

Blogosphere is a great place isn’t it ?. we gain the unimaginable amount of knowledge we share our beautiful, tragic, amazing, spectacular, horrendous experience and hope that world would read that and share their views. who knows, might be you get a motivation, you find a new purpose to live a world-class life.

There are enormous number of blogs which I or you haven’t stumbled upon yet which might be from new novice bloggers, from an expert blogger in a specific field.

I definitely would like to read your best post from your blog. I’m always in search of best in the world.

Let others find a link to your blog. post your link in the comment section and I promise to leave my views . I’m sure this way can help each other read your incredible work