To Love or Not the Question

To Love or not

That is the question

my love was absolute & no Illusion

simplest clearest without obsession

The way I found you

beneath  the mellowness of evening sky

when I would only think of you

my world would get lit up by the shine of your eye


to love or not

that is the question

you were one of my true expectation

you were my hope my real aspiration.

in the Lonesome night

and your eyes filled with tears

when your heart is broken

and none would care

you come back to me

you will need me

to Lobe or not that is the question

will never break thy heart

my only confession


I trusted you

I don’t know why

but now all I do

is live but never cry

to love or not that is the question

I would never let you

down in this relation

I’m tired of crying

So I’m here to say

because you are gone

I can get through the day

Stronger Connections

I often come hear people saying “my relationship status is COMPLICATED”. I DO Interact with them and try to know when relationship can sometimes be extremely complicated and often I realized that to build and maintain Quality relationship requires few things which we often fail to follow.

How often do we understand that it’s important we have to build trust, remain consistent and become a person who is reliable in every situation?

Mutual respect is a thing we never bother about. I often hear people come to me saying “it was alright in the beginning. We respected each other’s view and differences also. But its 2-3 month and its not the same…”
Well I say its just2-3 months and if people are finding hard to respect the uniqueness of an individual which would make them feel very valuable and important then how about being with them for a lifetime.??

Recently I read an article which says people DO NOT communicate about important issues in their relationships and let the problem stack up.
Also we fail to listen attentively, calmly, quietly when the other person is sharing the emotions.
But when you do listen, it sends them a signal that u respect the other person’s emotions and deepen the level of trust. That’s what I feel

Recently I heard from my a good friend of mine who shares that he lacks care from his partner.
But that’s the greatest gift u can give to ur partner-THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE.

I know we have also always accustomed to criticizing comparing and complaining. But if we can be people builder rather than people-basher life would much more wonderful.

I have read somewhere and I follow the principle which says “catch them doing right” (them may refer to your teammate, your partner, your friend, child)

Finally I would say be helpful. Your willingness to step in and do little things to decrease the burden felt by ur family is always appreciated and respected. Share , contribute and help each other.
People can share their views on they have built successful human relationship