Is your ‘gonna-buy’ property docs legally verified?

With growing encroachment drive in Bangalore how do you verify that your property is safe?

if you are buying a new property how do you verify the title is good and free from all encumbrances?

ideally I have less contacts with property lawyer and it was taking Himalayan effort to verify each and every document

on my own. so here is what i did.



choose a service for legal verification.

choose a lawyer (you can get recommendations over phone also for which lawyer to be selected)

place an order.


now you will need to submit the documents. so you can initiate the shipment where the documents are collected at your doorstep

and submitted to the lawyer for verification


you would get a written opinion on the property docs verified and get all your queries clarified.


here are my experiences


very neat process. you don’t find a necessity to go for a visit at lawyer’s place.

queries are clarified in a good way. experienced lawyers. I got this done for 5000 INR.

although they say it takes 10 days. for me it took 20+ days as they came up with missing documents from developers to be submitted and I had to submit them again. But still I was in no hurry and gave lawyer his time to evaluate the documents thoroughly.

builders do try to follow up on you and tell you to speed up the process, I say better wait for a while than regret later upon any faults. Although you should have a word with lawyer to get the status and check if everything looks fine on whatever they have verified.

you can even opt for sale agreement review at an additional cost.

Complete process is hassle free as lawyers put in all their experience in safeguarding your value for money

here are the recommendations I got by the lawyer as a checklist of documents when you buy property

  1. RTC Extracts
  2. Full copy of commencement certificate,
  3. Encumbrance Certificate till date
  4. Layout Plan
  5. Sites release order from competent authority
  6. E-Katha
  7. Tax paid receipts
  8. Endorsement regarding 7A,
  9. Endorsement regarding PTCL
  10. GIFT DEED if any


there are many, but these are basic documents to be checked. few are applicable in Bangalore and few are applicable all over India



after all, when you invest lakhs together for a property you should be ensuring that your hard earned money is safe and your investment is safe.

so investing in a good property lawyers is a must


do share me what experiences/challenges you had in the similar process if any.