Liebster award


I got nominated for this award . by one of my very good fellow blogger . its a pleasure to answer the questions. i will not think much but i will write whatever spontaneous comes to my mind as these question are to be answered in more details than provided here.

Ah!! typing from cellphone is little uncomfortable now

Here are the answers for the questions

1.What is the meaning of your name?

Well to be honest i never actually thought much about what could be the meaning . well “Preet” means Love “su”- refers to good

2. What’s the first scene that comes to your mind when you think of the word PEACE?

The first thing which comes to my mind is greenery , the mountains , or sometimes my home when i’m all alone .

The best compliment you have received so far.

hmm . actually it isn’t fair if i mentioned only one so i will mention couple of compliments which i liked

a)” i am blessed to have a mentor like you in my life who constantly brings me back to ground zero whenever i get out of control. (Not many ppl can control me and my weirdness) 😉 I hope someday when your name will be etched in the hearts of millions of people in the world i would take the opportunity to write something about you so that people will get to know an amazing personality like you and i get some “fame” for telling people about u…”

b)”bro you told me learning is a never ending process . i still use this dialog in every presentation…:):):)

u rock with knowledge.. MAN OF SKILLS…”

Your favorite music group and your reason for liking them?

well liked backstreets boys just for the melodious songs they gave us , Linkin park , Beatles, our own Indian band Led by  “Raghu dixit” i like raghu dixit music because it touches my soul by the freshness in the music , folk elements in the music and energy in it .

That one quality you wish you had in you?

i wish i had this Quick memory and ability to play with numbers as quick as shakuntala devi . i cannot think of anything else at this moment .

6. The best meal according to you?

our very own south Indian specialties like Idli-vada, i dont like much of sandwiches and pastas .. yeah i like ragi bowl which is very famous in Rural India . the best food .

Give in or bow out? What’s important to you?

i hardly bow out . unless its excruciatingly painful and unbearable situation . but i never let that hope die inside me . i will prefer Giving in

Describe your life in one sentence?

a roller coaster ride . the best teacher for you

Best friend or many friends and why do you think so?

Books. the more i enjoyed being with and learned from it . it never left me alone and always helped me towards betterment . ofcourse other is my brother

Your Motto in life?

to rediscover all hidden potential within me , inspire as many as lives  i can and spread the knowledge .to be a leader in my own role .  to Travel around the world to visit most of the historic and beautiful places . traveling teaches you more than Harvard university

My Questions to these bloggers i would like to nominate

a)Money or happiness?? your choice ??

b) the greatest weakness or a negative quality u have overcome and would like to overcome

c)top 10 celebrities and visionaries  you would like to meet in life .

d) life’s best gift you received

e)best childhood moment

f)one and only  passion in your life .

g)Besides your current job position , what else you would choose to be working as

h) how has blogging impacted your life till now


To Love or Not the Question

To Love or not

That is the question

my love was absolute & no Illusion

simplest clearest without obsession

The way I found you

beneath  the mellowness of evening sky

when I would only think of you

my world would get lit up by the shine of your eye


to love or not

that is the question

you were one of my true expectation

you were my hope my real aspiration.

in the Lonesome night

and your eyes filled with tears

when your heart is broken

and none would care

you come back to me

you will need me

to Lobe or not that is the question

will never break thy heart

my only confession


I trusted you

I don’t know why

but now all I do

is live but never cry

to love or not that is the question

I would never let you

down in this relation

I’m tired of crying

So I’m here to say

because you are gone

I can get through the day