MoSCoW Method??

While I was having a meeting with a project team, I was asking for an update on testing done on an application after  the solution  was provided for some issues

I was shown an excel sheet with few columns. Column showed the existing issues, remarks and challenges, status. But again, there was one more column which was filled only with a single characters.

Each line item was flagged either M/S/C/W.

When I asked the team ,what did that symbolize I was told “Its MoSCoW Method”

Now I only knew there is a city called somewhere is Russia?? But I din’t knew method by that name existed. As I discussed over the call, I came to know about this nice Agile methodology

So what’s this now?

MoSCoW stands for:

M: Must have

S: Should have

C: Could have

W: Won’t Have

They were talking about the attributes the website should be having. Technically we call it as ‘functionality’

This method is basically a way to prioritize the requirement

  1. Must have’s “they are the attribute which are non-negotiable and must be included for the successful functioning of an application
  2. Should have: they are high priority attribute should be included if possible.
  3. Could have: they need not be so critical but a nice-to-have features in the website
  4. Won’t have: they are low priority attributes. Even if they are not available there won’t be any problem. We can consider this in future

So I understood that’s how they prioritize the customer requirement and found I can implement in my work too

By the way I see this can be implemented in day to day life too. Go check out how.(Hint: replace website by Human being) Share your views, folks.

Need to Re-organise

Every day I attend multiple meetings, perform multiple tasks, some are sequential and some are concurrent.

I start my day at office with a small notepad I carry where I write details and agenda of meetings.

I sometime find it hard to remember things these days due to conflicting tasks

May be I will have to take some time out in prioritizing it.

I use whiteboards as I mentioned in my earlier posts , I get so much meeting reminders on my outlook but still something gets cluttered .

I need to find some way to reorganize things in more efficient way. Spreadsheets have helped to certain extent.

Sometimes I find it’s a problem with my mind, which thinks about different work while I’m doing the current work.

or is it that my desk is little messed up since few days?

Whatever it maybe. I will eventually come up with my own strategy to work more efficiently because i donot want to be the same person i was a month ago.

or in other words, i will be working on transformations, to see positive change 30 days from now .