Sponge Bob Squarepants and his message

Does anyone watch cartoons here ? if yes does anyone know about SpongeBob SquarePants ?/

i love that character. he is one of a kind . jovial, optimistic and very friendly in nature .

when i say one of a kind , i mean he is proud to be who he is , he love his job, his unique qualities .

when we see world best Entrepreneurs,best Actors, best Sportsmen . how did they become what they are today .

they knew a simple rule

“Do not Give up on your Dreams , just be follow the crowd”  

Now you can be the best in what you do . you just have to have crystal clear dreams and zeal to achieve your aspirations .

you don’t have to do what rest of mass does. you are designed to be unique , possess and develop your unique skills and optimistically forge ahead towards your dream destination

and yeah be like SpongeBob .. Go watch .

now this completes my 2nd day challenge of Quotes . but yeah i loved sharing this quote with you folk .

Mistake happens..So what

i see 2 categories of people every day .
a)people who see world filled with opportunities and possibilities. they believe every process they go through is designed to make their life successfull . their approach towards work,relationships are good and optimistic and they are seldom disappointed

b)other set of people has a different approach. they keeping blaming their fate for all the odds keep making mistakes and never learn from it. they also do not have mind of their own;meaning they are highly dependent on others in decision making.and 70% of decision they take is wrong.

infact the so called winners do mistakes in their lives. but they accept it, use their mistakes to improve the quality of their thinking and learn from it. and 2nd category of people DONOT do that.

whenever things doesnt go in an intended way for me i donot react immediately.relax for a moment and say to myself “that’s good” because i believe difficulties come to instruct more than to obstruct. every difficulty i have faced has made me think in a different dimension to overcome and i have been learning and growing.

in both Professional and personal life these below steps can be taken to deal with mistakes.
a) wat we can do is identify and write down the mistakes
b)find causes of it as how and why did it happen what are the critical variables involved in it.
c) take a decision.
d)delegate the responsibility to set of people
well we all know this but still dont do it.