Are you an Effective Manager?

If some1 asked you what kind of manager u want to become what would you say?
Result oriented? People oriented? What makes you more effective as a manager?
We see people who are not happy either with technology they work with or the manager they work with
How best you can manage ur people(resource).
Consider these points.

  • How effective are you at setting Goals for self and subordinates?

Remember, 80-20 rule. 80% of your important results will come from 20% of your

Your resources fail to deliver because you haven’t made it clear to them about their roles and responsibilities. Understanding what your responsibilities are, are the first step for goal settings

You haven’t shared the common goal of your team.

  •  Are you appreciating your people?

Honestly, we have forgotten to appreciate people when they do the exceptional work. That can be driving force, while they always care about CSAT (Customer satisfaction) they often forget about ESAT (Employee Satisfaction) if you do not keep your team happy achieving Customer satisfaction becomes hard. Think about it.

How many of us have undergone situations where managers forgets the 8 out of 10 things done wonderfully and remembers 2 tasks incompletely/improperly done?

  • Are you giving them enough opportunities to learn?

A leader should always try to give their team opportunities to handle tasks independently , give them space to think creatively and come up with ideas and suggestions

I honestly believe sending my team member on training wherever I find the skill gap , so that it will help them and team in managing the project deliverable better

How often we see manger observing our
activities very closely. I think keeping track of performance of team and closely monitoring the pattern they work is useful.

Or its up to you to decide if you are happy with your present role and don’t want to take added responsibility in the new role and grow as individual/professional that is also your wish 🙂 either way good luck:)

So would like to ask you folks.. what would feel would make you an effective manager

why people hate Mondays


Out of 10 people whom I meet every day 8 of them don’t like Mondays . they look disinterested , lack of enthusiasm is clearly visible on their face . when I ask they say “You are an IT professional. You know how Mondays are..”

I call this as “Monday blues-syndrome”. 8 out of 10 people suffer from this every week.
Let’s think beyond this syndrome. I consider every day as a fantastic opportunity to learn, to accomplish something, to provide excellent service to your customers, to connect with the people around you.

Probably people like to do shopping everyday, or go on vacation everyday or just sleep for long hours everyday like they spend on Sunday. But Sunday is just not only meant for Sleeping . It’s for refueling yourself for next 5 days of fantastic journey towards excellence.
Use your weekends effectively. Reduce your stress level. Consider stress as something which pushes you to do little extra thing.

I somewhere read this sentence “with the new day comes new strength and new thoughts”
There is another reason why people don’t like Mondays as I observed. People feel unappreciated, dislike their jobs , and are lazy enough to fix their messed up situations in life. They are unhappy about some or the other thing in life and never made an attempt to make life simpler and beautiful and when they spend weekends forgetting all the pressure they had during weekdays , they never want that pressure to haunt them.

And others are filled with energy, they love their job, they love learning, delivering their best of services. They are happy souls who make others happy. Positive vibes surrounds them. It doesn’t matter to them whether its Monday or Tuesday. It’s yet another day to do what they love to do.

Let’s defeat this syndrome:
Identify why do you hate Mondays . make a quick list may be around 5 point. It would take hardly 5 mins . it may be a challenging unfinished task, not-so-co-operative boss, misunderstanding within the team. Etc.

Are you a victim of procrastination?
My grandfather had a theory he followed. He never used to keep things pending for the next day which was meant to be finished today and reason is that he didn’t wanted to disturb his next day’s plan .
MarkTwain said “Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well”.

How do you like your ideal Monday to be.?
Sunday night befor goin to sleep , I think of how my day tomorrow has to be. I visualize about the best thing I do and best thing happening at my work place. These visions rewire your way of looking at Mondays.

Remember my words. Monday is again a fresh day to  moves 1 day closer to your dream

Finally write about that entire thing which made your Sunday a wonderful date. Show gratitude and sleep.