Daily Prompt: Vigor

via Daily Prompt: Vigor

Many a time people talk a lot about physical strength but its the mental strength that can be a reason to finish an extremely tough , critical , Himalayan task . don’t you agree?

See Nick Vujicic. learn from his life . he is a man with no limbs no arms . yet so powerful and has been a wonderful motivational speaker now.

he was an easy target for bullies . now he believed in his own vigor . he says never let bullies define who you are as a person . that’s your weakness. you should define yourself and no bully would get the power to weaken you. 

he even goes on to say that he even had made suicidal attempts , but it was his mental strength he chose to live the life with vigor and now he is happy to make that decision for he is able to get enormous love from his wife n kid which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible .

Believe you are here to do something tremendous , spectacular . believe you got most amazing thing in life . a beautiful body and beautiful heart .

isn’t it enough to live a extraordinary life .

to complete the task you were assigned for by the nature with vigor .

I felt inspired while reading this book called “Stand Strong”