Job profile vs actual work. Analyse 

  • How does it feel when the job you do is not what you really wanted to do . 

    How does it feel when your career aspirations are not in sync with work you do 

    How does it feel like when the role you play isn’t what you were looking for 

    How does it feel like working aimlessly and get nothing out of it 

    Of course everything what you do at office may not be an interesting task but is it driving you towards ur career aspirations? Towards ur goal ?

    Think where will you see yourself 2 yrs from now 4 yrs from now by doing the work you are currently doing. Are there any ladders you see to take a step forward towards ur goal.?

    Are you learning anything new ? Is your currently role and work enhancing ur skill set And making u more marketable ? 

    Do you feel motivated at your work place ?

    I’m sure you have to introspect these things as and when you become more experienced person . 

    These are few discussion I did with one of my friend who wanted me to suggest on whether he should be changing the job and company or not . 

    I’m sure he will find the answers within. 

I Believe , I motivate

People dream, aspire, share their passion with friends, family, and society (community).

But what would inspire them reach their aspirations and move towards their goal.??

When people share their knowledge, skills, innovations, thoughts it’s just the encouragement that re-enforces them to keep doing the good work and enrich their skills..

When people support the aspirants they feel motivated and energized and they move confidently in the direction of their dream. And this point is really important:

Believe whole of the content is all about—being an encourager of people’s passions without criticizing them to the extent that they will be demoralized.

We see so many unmotivated people at work just because their boss will never try to appreciate 8 out of 10 things done exceptionally well. But give reprimands for 2 mistakes committed.

People always look for more opportunities to learn new skill and improve the existing ones

And after learning all they wish is pass on the learning to others.

And when people around them criticizes them frequently they start to find the discrepancy in the expectation they had earlier stage and the reality now.

Yes people should be receptive to both negative and positive feedback but every time they are learning to do something new they should be encouraged. That’s the point I want to emphasize on.

I read a blog called “rejection stamp” long back where I came across many senarios where people stop trying something just because of fear of rejection.

So this is all I wanted to convey. Develop a sense of appreciation. It can create wonders.