Faded Away

Its a gloomy cold night

I see your love faded away

From my heart, away from my sight

The dreams we shared, Oh Love!!

and the promises so right

I see your smile, Oh No

Faded away from my sight

My thoughts on few questions

Well I would like to answer few questions asked to me which I think are very thought provoking

  • What comes first:filial duties or personal satisfaction?

When I see the word filial, I am in an assumption that filial duties are duties towards your dependents.

Well, I would say that if you keep my loved ones happy, eventually you would be happy. Therefore, that suffices the question .

  • Eating or breathing,which one is more important?

These two things complement each other

If I don’t breath I cannot eat. And If I don’t eat I will not breathe. Not sure why this question popped up? Well both are important to keep you healthy.i would mention

I eat nutritious food and I do pranayama(Breathing exercise) to stay healthy

  • Your favourite quote on life?

There are multiple . I will quote Few of them

  1. Ideation without execution is just a delusion
  2. “Your “I CAN” is more important than your IQ.”
  3. investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make


  • The craziest thing you have done so far?

Again Many . I could remember all the pranks during college days , Dancing to folk songs when Hip hop is my forte . It was a crazy, fun and a personal challenge to myself.

  • Ur favourite book and why??

Multiple , I will mention few of them .

who will cry when you die / Leader who has no title– Robin Sharma

A walk to remember –Nicholas Spark

Steve Jobs- by walter issacson

Tuesdays with Morrie

Over the top-zig ziglar

  • Alcohol?elucidate your feelings for it.

A STRONG NO. I would never prefer , consume or recommend it

  • Do you dream about being successful or happy and why?

Both are complementary

I always have goals that will lead me to happiness. I always enjoy the process or journey towards my dream.

I believe every successful milestone should make you happy.

Having a balance between your professional success and success you achieve as human being and different roles you play in personal life .

However, I also believe what that success is in your business when your own home life is in shambles

  • Is love really worth the time?

Yes, its and integral part of life

Have you ever taken credit for someone else’s hard work to gain the spotlight?

NO, all that credits which I got is of my own efforts.

The success, which came to you by taking credit of other’s hard work, will not remain forever. Moreover, I never call that success

Happy Birthday mom.

For someone i truly love, respect and is an integral part of my life.My Mother India.

words don’t come easily yet have plenty of things which i respect her for .

the lady who could do anything impossible . lady who had caliber to fight the odds .symbol of love and strength.

woman who was there  with us in all the situations, i could see her smile even when she was sad..

she’s a great motivation to me who believed in never-give-up theory .and said silently that “everything’s gonna be alright”

and guess what .. it did.Today its her birthday. i still feel her presence.

i wish you a very happy birthday mom.

Love: Supreet.

a small poetry which i wrote long back :

Have you ever been loved so much
Whose love for you pervades the universe
But my anger has become source of her pain
Now that memories slap on my face
And ask me what did you gain?
Now that you are gone
I can hear cry of my heart
Wish I had a chance again to do it right.
I would tell you to wait
To show you I cared you before it’s too late
I go out play when life is a game
But why don’t I hear you now screaming my name
I know your aren’t gonna come back
And look at me, smiling .
This is a song of my life
I’m gonna pen it down and sing
Though my life kept on complicating
I knew u would sit in a corner crying.
For all the sacrifice u made
I dint even try recognising
You gave up your life , you’ve been praying for me
Nobody but me , alone, with no strength left in me.









To Love or Not ..is the Question

To Love or not

That is the question

my love was absolute & no Illusion

simplest clearest without obsession

The way I found you

beneath  the mellowness of evening sky

when I would only think of you

my world would get lit up by the shine of your eye


to love or not

that is the question

you were one of my true expectation

you were my hope my real aspiration.

in the Lonesome night

and your eyes filled with tears

when your heart is broken

and none would care

you come back to me

you will need me

to Lobe or not that is the question

will never break thy heart

my only confession


I trusted you

I don’t know why

but now all I do

is live but never cry

to love or not that is the question

I would never let you

down in this relation

I’m tired of crying

So I’m here to say

because you are gone

I can get through the day

I Needed you

Blue was how I was feeling

just a smirk had left me dreaming

your glittered smile

and spark in your eyes

had lit up my obscure heart

in the stormy night

I would think of you

I was lost in you in the moonlit night

with the restless mind

you were hard to find

ever the time since I gazed you

was the way you killed me with the great allure

Baby just listen to me

in my vacant eyes

you filled drops and tears of hopes

with thy faith back to me

I wanna loose myself

in your eternal care

in the loneliness when I fell and touch the earth

your love made me pull myself out the dirt

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Left me on the cold ground

Its true that now our love stood on the tip toe

and i know u love me no more

there were days when you could only think of me

and none could take you away from me

My love for you could reach the limits of eternity

and could only see your inner beauty

the warmth in your touch and tenderness in your smile

now i could feel it only for a while

now when you laid me down

in this cold ground, how i felt

you would never understand

you remain neither my love nor my friend

as i look into your eyes

it was the way i used to feel inside

i’m still the same who trusted your eyes

Now you’re blind enough to see my heart cries

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