Try going beyond comfort zone

how many of us like being in our own comfort zone . ? may be in your office , or at  your home. people like doing the work which they are comfortable with and they do not think of going beyond that .

routine work after a poimt of time doesnt seem exciting anymore . why not explore more ?

why not learn the skill you never learned before ?

why not do the work you never did before ?

why not say things to your dear one which you never said before ?

you are master in your own specific domain, field and area of interest . yeah agreed ! but a thought surpasses my mind . what would happen if you take time to do a little different thing . go an extra mile . wear a different shoes and walk

i certainly have seen the difference and i have explored many good opportunities in life .

waking up an hour early a day and go for a walk and breath in fresh oxygen

meeting old friends after a long time .

plan for a short tour and explore the other side of the world

learn new technical skills , art , read great books .

i always believed..

“victims love leisure , leaders love learning “-robin sharma

do you feel above makes some difference .

all i meant to say there are hundreds of things you could try doing in life beyond your comfort zone . identify them and see what magical things happen in your life