Books @ Belagere books -Gandhibazar

Yesterday I felt a sudden urge to  purchase kannada novels . I went to Basavangudi Gandhi bazaar and visited “Belagere Books” and purchased 3 Books

  1. Jugari Cross (By poornachandra tejaswi)
  2. mooru hennu aidu jade (Beechi)
  3. Aavarana(SL bhairappa)

i also got an audio CD by Ravi belagere called “Kanase” meaning (Dream )


He speaks about the people who dream about their dream house ,and how they lived their dream, what should they be focusing on, while considering buying a house . Amazing audio at just 60 Rs INR. much valuable information .

while searching for books i came across Beechi’s books . He is known for his humorous literature works . 3 hennu 5 jade is all about people perception about each other, basically depicting life of 3 women

Next book i was hunting for was poornachandra tejaswi’s writing . i got Jugari Cross which talks about loot and exploitation people face by hoodlums and also its effect on environment. I just like the language of Malnad regions of Karnataka he uses in his work.

It was in the afternoon, I went  to Bull temple park situated in the nearby place . I opened up one of the book to read . climate was complementing my mood to read more .

Greenery filled park made me stay there for couple of hours before I decided to return back to home. it started drizzling at 3 Pm when I finally got up from the seat .. but yeah reading in a place filled with serenity gives a great positive energy

finally some line is kannada.

odhuva havyasa beliskondiruva nanu .. ondu pusthaka mugiyuttale innondannu bayasuva chaali .

adendu kadimeyaguvado na ariye . aadare ivugalodne kalita paatha saakashtu.

this is it for next 2 months of reading .

I’m sure it would turn out to be real page turners. what’s your reading goal for the month . what are you reading now ?do share