Kaizen and not creativity?

I had written on Kaizen white boards’ long back and I thought it’s a wonderful idea to bring improvement in the process we follow in our projects.

I was happy that we implemented the idea and utilized the whiteboards to

  • Track Individual performance by writing dashboard data on whiteboard
  • Write setbacks/challenges we face daily
  • Write the priorities we have for the day or for a week
  • Write continuous improvement plans as kaizen itself means Continuous improvement.

I do not follow any specific rules or methods to fill my whiteboard data. The format changes every week

I write almost all the things which I concentrate on. And I don’t think I should use a specific format for this

Recently I got an instruction from the manager and the audit team to following a specific template they have provided.

I’m against it. White board writing should be fun, creative, it should reflect your thought process in bringing the improvements

Hence I have reduced taking responsibilities on updating the board.

I think I should have the freedom to represent the thought process more creatively which will benefit me and my team and not just to satisfy some Audit team.

I write only the things which I concentrate on and do not wish to fill up too many stuffs just to satisfy the template they have provided and see my white board cluttered. NO I do not wish this

I do not support much of the work which stops the creativity within you

So what do you think of this folks?

Kaizen whiteboards

Couple of days back there was an announcement in our office that each team will be given a very big White Boards. This is called Kai-zen Whiteboards.

Well before I Proceed I would like give a brief idea on Kai-zen. Its means Change for Good.

It is the practice of continuous improvement. Kaizen was originally introduced to the West by Masaaki Imai in his book Kai-zen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success in 1986.

Now all we got to do is come up with our own format which gives a quantitative outlook of our performance each day.

We provide technical solutions to our customers and what we could think of is how many:

  • Issues are resolved??
  • Under progress
  • Pending for Customer Updates

So now this will clearly give you facts and figures on the service we provide.

But idea behind this is to increase productivity. Now I don’t know how much this is going to help us increase productivity

There are multiple teams around us and I believe this is not to showcase it to many but to analyze own performance.

So I came up with 2 other sections which like

  • Setbacks
  • Improvements and other priorities


People came for an audit and found many have a similar template and I came up with my priority matrix


And quotes for the day .:

“5 little goals done a day  lead to 1850 goals achieved end of the year”

Somehow it can be an advantage or time consuming things. So what do you guys think ??