Kaizen and not creativity?

I had written on Kaizen white boards’ long back and I thought it’s a wonderful idea to bring improvement in the process we follow in our projects.

I was happy that we implemented the idea and utilized the whiteboards to

  • Track Individual performance by writing dashboard data on whiteboard
  • Write setbacks/challenges we face daily
  • Write the priorities we have for the day or for a week
  • Write continuous improvement plans as kaizen itself means Continuous improvement.

I do not follow any specific rules or methods to fill my whiteboard data. The format changes every week

I write almost all the things which I concentrate on. And I don’t think I should use a specific format for this

Recently I got an instruction from the manager and the audit team to following a specific template they have provided.

I’m against it. White board writing should be fun, creative, it should reflect your thought process in bringing the improvements

Hence I have reduced taking responsibilities on updating the board.

I think I should have the freedom to represent the thought process more creatively which will benefit me and my team and not just to satisfy some Audit team.

I write only the things which I concentrate on and do not wish to fill up too many stuffs just to satisfy the template they have provided and see my white board cluttered. NO I do not wish this

I do not support much of the work which stops the creativity within you

So what do you think of this folks?