allow me to stay in your heart:)

My vision  of your beauty

and definition of your care reaches

Beyond the infinite universe

But still and forever my calf love in my heart

has been dispersed..


but still and forever

I wish to stay in your mellow heart

and none could nab me

out of your heart

None can pluck

my love out of your eyes


I dare ,take me in your arms , I would say

allow my habitat, in your heart

then I pray,

that you would hear every beat of my heart

whilst I surmise ,

you give just a wink of love .

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Left me on the cold ground

Its true that now our love stood on the tip toe

and i know u love me no more

there were days when you could only think of me

and none could take you away from me

My love for you could reach the limits of eternity

and could only see your inner beauty

the warmth in your touch and tenderness in your smile

now i could feel it only for a while

now when you laid me down

in this cold ground, how i felt

you would never understand

you remain neither my love nor my friend

as i look into your eyes

it was the way i used to feel inside

i’m still the same who trusted your eyes

Now you’re blind enough to see my heart cries

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