I’m Happy to stay connected here

Is it not amazing that we get connected in someway or the other here in WP.

Best thing about WordPress is its always a healthy communication that takes place when you share your thoughts here .

i have hardly seen anyone having cold war of words here .

i like it when people support or motivate each other to make use of ones potential to max.

if this continues i’m sure world would be more beautiful ..

i have made few connections here.. and each one is spectacularly talented enough. few have moved my soul, few have inspired me , few have given great information about various things and few have taught me life lessons ..

i wanted to take this opportunity to thank them all and i wish we stay connected..forever

it would be unfair if i take few names and leave few.. but the respect and love i have for them deep in my heart is enormous and eternal..

i’m more than happy today. Hope you also have made connections which makes you feel life is worthwhile. if you have so, Please share .

I  love them and i got much love, i earned respect  ; i endure the betrayal of false friends AND MADE some REAL FRIEND HERE ; i received much appreciation ,guidance and blessings,  i got to know one’s life’s insights and we mutually showed empathy, we promised to walk together in the journey —is this not called a step closer to  success.

PS: I know this isn’t my style to express the gratitude.. but give me sometime.. i will come back with a much better way..