There are times when we feel tired, bored, or even do not feel enthusiastic. We have different ways to overcome boredom.

  1. Increase the challenge in your work
  2. Take a break and have a cup of coffee.
  3. Listen to the music (plug in your earphones , otherwise a person sitting next you may do whatever it takes for him to get rid of u)
  4. Chat with your friends for a while (remember I said “FOR A WHILE” only)

So there is one more interesting thing I found who loves drawing and are artistic in nature You can do “Zentangles” Google it. Just keep drawing your own designs. Make circles, squares and all the geometrical figures you know and fill your own designs. zent2 you can also draw letters and fill these design patterns inside each alphabet Zent1 I keep doing this with pen and a paper. However, when I spoke to someone who is an expert is doing this I was suggested to use pigma micron pens and sketch books. There are couple of things which zentangles teaches us.

  1. Increases your creativity
  2. Turn mistakes into positives because there are no mistakes while doing these design patterns. Every mistake you do is a new design.

This is real fun . In addition, one more interesting thing is that we do not stop until we finish the pattern. so it teaches us to be focused on the work . PS:All images taken from Google . i would like you to try it and see how your design looks like I leave you with this beautiful quote

“The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.” ― Leonardo da Vinci