Knowledge Vs Character.

i had been to nearby shop to  purchase some cloths and i observed argument happening between customer and shopkeeper .what saddened me was the lady was crying and went back asking for apology . i rarely see customers apologizing a shopkeeper. while i asked the shop owner what had just happened , he told me something that really was hurting . how ill-informed and insensitive people can be ? i thought.

he said the lady who just left crying had come to purchase something and while transferring the bill amount via debit card the transaction had failed . amount had debited from her account but hadn’t reached the shop owner’s account .

her husband started abusing her over the phone for selecting such a shop to transact.

the shopkeeper tried his best by convincing that it would take 24 hrs to refund by the bank and he would assure that . if at all the refund has not been made by the bank he would personally go to bank and verify it . he even extracted transaction history to assure the customer but customer’s husband did not accept this and started scolding and abusing her wife.

what hurt me was lady said that her husband would beat her up for this and in the worst case wouldn’t let her in home if she failed to get it refunded immediately.

finally shopkeeper payed her via PAYTM and said forget about the money, money can be gained again. be safe with your husband(bill amount was 1000 INR) .

such terrible people like her husband do exit.

he neither had knowledge about internet banking ,nor had any patience to listen or wait for 24 hrs .

he dint even have humanity to treat his wife like that . if people  dont respect their own family members especially ladies , who are they going to respect.





How important is Customer Satisfaction

I was in a training session where we discussed on why we need to improve the quality of service we provide to our customers.

Trainer explained the story of Dave Carroll a musician who got frustrated from United Airlines service and came up with video called “United” which went viral after which “United Airline” suffered a huge loss.

Back Ground Story:

Dave Traveled in United Airlines (American Airlines) and at the destination, baggage handlers threw his guitar and it broke. It was his favorite 3500$ Taylor Guitar

He contacted United Airline, registered complaint but no one took an actionable.

In fact they denied taking responsibility and started playing blame game on different member.

He escalated the issue to every concerned person but his reimbursement claim was rejected.

After 8-9 month of struggle. His claim was fruitless. Airlines did not help him at all

Frustrated from all this he came up with a video 1 which shows how the Airlines escaped from the responsibilities after breaking his guitar. He says “I should have gone by the car”, “cuz united breaks guitar”

Now already the video had gone viral, and negative publicity of airlines had started.

It gained 150,000 views within a day.

I also read somewhere that United Airlines’ stock price fell 10%, costing stockholders about $180 million in value.

He released another song, video2 and video3 which gave a message that if you don’t change “who would fly with you”

Airlines couldn’t do much than apologizing him, the reimbursement amount was given as a charity as suggested by Dave.

Carroll also published a book on his experience. He gained enormous support from the public and was a popular personality between 2009-2012

Soon after this, airline started training their employee about customer satisfaction.

Ok so now this came to my mind when i saw an appreciation i received from a customer . he sent a mail stating ”

“Hi Supreet,

I would like to compliment you on the way you handle this bug fixing, migration fixing activity on the application. I am convinced you will make a success on this. If there are problems occurring, please let me know, so I can support”

So what do you folks think about Customer satisfaction. Let me know your reviews