Budget Smartwatch??


You got smart phone?? I got smartwatch man!! Oh wait apple smatwatch costs > 25k INR . I aint that rich to get that one ..

But hey i still have option of wearing a smartwatch .


I got this intex aqua compatible  3g smartwatch from amazon . Lets look at the features

Health indicators : pedometer, drink reminder etc..


Call facility : yes , I connect it through Bluetooth to my phone and get the contact list saved in my phone and can call .


If you want , you can insert a separate sim too inside that

Basic utilities like : stop watch, alarm, calculator , Calendar .


Music : well if you connect via Bluetooth you can play videos or songs on your phone and listen to it via smartwatch .

Notification : you have to install Bluetooth notifier so that you get notified when you get emails, sms , whatsapp messages , Facebook etc ..

Point to notice is that you can only read sms but not your watsapp messages or emails .



Charging time: 1 hr and you can use it for 6-8 hrs .

Memory card: no you cannot insert memory card .

Capture photos: yes, you can take photos and your photos will appear in your phone ..

Touch is smooth (capacitive)

Design is impressive with decent wear belt , but not great.

I know there is nothing much fancy but if you want to get the feel of smatchwatch go for it ..

Cost : I paid 800 INR

Alternative budget smartwatch : DZ09 , GT08,


If you are looking something better , you can go for intex irist pro it cost 4k INR and has much better options

If you are looking for best : go for Sony SmartWatch 2, asus zenwatch, pebble 2 ( you don’t get touchscreen in pebble 2 but the buttons to operate), apple, Samsung gear

Overall not a bad investment for people like me who is first time user of smartwatch and its pretty cheaply priced too.

do comment if you have used any smartwatch and your experience with it and what do you like about smartwatches

PS: these photo’s are clicked in a very low light situation .

Spend Analyzer



I logged in to my bank website check my transaction history and accidentally stumbled upon a link there which read “spend Analyzer”

Now basically what is does it allows you to allocate your budget for a month.

There are various categories given which helps you segregate your expense projection.

Now once allocation is done and you save the changes, you have an option for notification

This helps you get notified when your budget reached the specific Percentage. Let say I set it 90%

Here is the below screen shot

spend analyser



Now let’s look at pro’s

  1. Your expenses are controlled
  2. You will be notified well in advance about your budget completion and there by you can plan well in advance


  1. Categories are not sufficient enough
  2. You are unable to add or customize the category

Although I have better ways that I use to plan and regulate my cash flows, but I would like to use this option for a month and see how it works.

PS: figures you see as amount in the screenshot are hypothetical values and not my actual budget projection

I leave you with a thought. How do you regulate your expenses?