Watch “National Digital Library . IIT KGP initiative. Android preview” on YouTube

IIT KGP in collaboration with HRD has come up with an initiative called National Digital Library .

they have a collection of about 6.5 million e books. you can search by category,by course , by genre and download the ebooks. of-course they have app also available on google play

this is especially good for engineering students who can’t afford to buy expensive books

there are other genre books too .. you can also download audio books and in video format  .

check my new video on that


Tips for emerging authors

i have always been reading about how to send queries, proposals to publishers. but what do publishers check after receiving your proposal??

Swapnil has mentioned some great tips on submitting your scripts to publishers. go check that out . comment on the original post.


Latest information and list of documents you need for manuscript submission for fiction to the Publishers and literary agents in India

via How to submit a manuscript in India — GirlandWorld!

A blogger turned author

I have been reading many blogs of different genre by different bloggers and they are all masters of their own creative way of writing .

but then bloggers do dream to be  author someday and convey their thoughts to millions of people out there .

One such blogger who achieved a milestone of authoring a book is SwatiiChandak (

Recently she authored a new book called Gradients (available at amazon


I had pre-ordered this book and it was available and delivered yesterday to me . i have read 3 of her poetries in her book and i must tell it gets you glued to the book . i felt an urge to keep reading poems one after the other.

words and emotions are  beautifully knitted like a garland .

with this I hope she turns out to be one promising author of new era and continues to deliver spectacular books ahead.

I wish her all the very best for her future endeavors and for all the blogger who would love to author their own master piece , please continue to nurture your passion and take a step ahead .

And if you already have a success story or a plan. please share here . i would love to see it


Books @ Belagere books -Gandhibazar

Yesterday I felt a sudden urge to  purchase kannada novels . I went to Basavangudi Gandhi bazaar and visited “Belagere Books” and purchased 3 Books

  1. Jugari Cross (By poornachandra tejaswi)
  2. mooru hennu aidu jade (Beechi)
  3. Aavarana(SL bhairappa)

i also got an audio CD by Ravi belagere called “Kanase” meaning (Dream )


He speaks about the people who dream about their dream house ,and how they lived their dream, what should they be focusing on, while considering buying a house . Amazing audio at just 60 Rs INR. much valuable information .

while searching for books i came across Beechi’s books . He is known for his humorous literature works . 3 hennu 5 jade is all about people perception about each other, basically depicting life of 3 women

Next book i was hunting for was poornachandra tejaswi’s writing . i got Jugari Cross which talks about loot and exploitation people face by hoodlums and also its effect on environment. I just like the language of Malnad regions of Karnataka he uses in his work.

It was in the afternoon, I went  to Bull temple park situated in the nearby place . I opened up one of the book to read . climate was complementing my mood to read more .

Greenery filled park made me stay there for couple of hours before I decided to return back to home. it started drizzling at 3 Pm when I finally got up from the seat .. but yeah reading in a place filled with serenity gives a great positive energy

finally some line is kannada.

odhuva havyasa beliskondiruva nanu .. ondu pusthaka mugiyuttale innondannu bayasuva chaali .

adendu kadimeyaguvado na ariye . aadare ivugalodne kalita paatha saakashtu.

this is it for next 2 months of reading .

I’m sure it would turn out to be real page turners. what’s your reading goal for the month . what are you reading now ?do share






My thoughts on few questions

Well I would like to answer few questions asked to me which I think are very thought provoking

  • What comes first:filial duties or personal satisfaction?

When I see the word filial, I am in an assumption that filial duties are duties towards your dependents.

Well, I would say that if you keep my loved ones happy, eventually you would be happy. Therefore, that suffices the question .

  • Eating or breathing,which one is more important?

These two things complement each other

If I don’t breath I cannot eat. And If I don’t eat I will not breathe. Not sure why this question popped up? Well both are important to keep you healthy.i would mention

I eat nutritious food and I do pranayama(Breathing exercise) to stay healthy

  • Your favourite quote on life?

There are multiple . I will quote Few of them

  1. Ideation without execution is just a delusion
  2. “Your “I CAN” is more important than your IQ.”
  3. investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make


  • The craziest thing you have done so far?

Again Many . I could remember all the pranks during college days , Dancing to folk songs when Hip hop is my forte . It was a crazy, fun and a personal challenge to myself.

  • Ur favourite book and why??

Multiple , I will mention few of them .

who will cry when you die / Leader who has no title– Robin Sharma

A walk to remember –Nicholas Spark

Steve Jobs- by walter issacson

Tuesdays with Morrie

Over the top-zig ziglar

  • Alcohol?elucidate your feelings for it.

A STRONG NO. I would never prefer , consume or recommend it

  • Do you dream about being successful or happy and why?

Both are complementary

I always have goals that will lead me to happiness. I always enjoy the process or journey towards my dream.

I believe every successful milestone should make you happy.

Having a balance between your professional success and success you achieve as human being and different roles you play in personal life .

However, I also believe what that success is in your business when your own home life is in shambles

  • Is love really worth the time?

Yes, its and integral part of life

Have you ever taken credit for someone else’s hard work to gain the spotlight?

NO, all that credits which I got is of my own efforts.

The success, which came to you by taking credit of other’s hard work, will not remain forever. Moreover, I never call that success

three things in my journal

I remember few years back there was lot of challenging phase I encountered when I started my career as software professional.

I was finding it hard initially to cope up with work pressure and to maintain a balance between personal and professional life.

But one thing I always did was read. Read lot of books. I read Robin Sharma’s book “who will die when you cry”

Inspired by that what I did was to maintain a diary / Journal. And I keep writing in that .

And what do I write?? Here are few things

  • Task list for the next day :
  • tasklist

I know we all have this smartphone. but for me this works the best .

I write target dates of completion, and hit a tick mark as and when I complete. I have tried all the best possible to-do apps in android but for me paper works the best

Well some people feel maintaining 1 app is better to have book lost or paper scattered. Left to them.

  • Good Thoughts:

I love writing good quotes. and keep referring them as it gives me motivation sometimes .

Some of the quotes I recently wrote was .”My Life is my message “ – Mahatma Gandhi

I want the world sympathy in this battle of right against might –“ – Mahatma Gandhi

Keep the gold and keep the silver, but give us wisdom.” — Arabian proverb

This keeps me inspired .

  1. Lessons I learnt today:

This is one of the important things I do before I sleep. I will write the best thing which I did today

The next I write the lessons I learned today. May be good experience, may be bad. I feel without making mistakes you will never grow

I think of what’s the opportunity I can find in every challenging situation I face and what’s the missed opportunity that I could have utilized today.

So these are 3 main things I write in my journal . This has helped me significantly in my career and in my personal life.

Folk can let me know what has helped you grow in your career. What keeps you motivated?


The bookList

Inspired by my friend, a fantastic fellow blogger I’m sharing the list of Books that I will be reading for next 6 months.
Well as I always believed that books are my best companion here goes the list of books:
My Experiments with truth :
Author: Mahatma Gandhi
Genre: Autobiography


While I was visiting a place in Gujarat I stumbled upon this book which tells you the story of Mahatma Gandhi, his beliefs his moral values, the way he lived and his entire struggle for independence of nation during the lifetime.
I got this book in my childhood and couldn’t complete it. but now again I brought this book since I wanted to read about a man who believed in non-violence , believed in peace and creating a brotherhood feeling in the world lived ,How his satyagraha mission made a huge difference in getting independence to our country India .

He once said “I want world sympathy in the battle of right against might”
Cost: 60 INR. If you get it from Gandhi Ashram, Gujrat worth spending it .
I would rate it 8/ Amazing book which could have a positive impact on your belief system. Will give more reviews as I complete reading this book

Chasing Tomorrow


Author: Sidney Sheldon ,Tilly Bagshawe
Genre: Fiction, Suspense

I’m a huge fan of Sidney Sheldon for the amazing stories he has written in the suspense genre. He is definitely a master story teller.
I started reading Sidney’s book from past 2 years almost. And the first book was “Tell me your dreams” and then onwards I read almost all his books
The one I recently read was “if tomorrow comes” the character in that is impressing. This book seems to be a sequel of that and hence there is an urge to read it. Hopefully this turns out to be a page turner.

Mega living:
Author: Robin Sharma
Genre: Self Help
Robin Sharma’s books and videos are really inspirational. It has helped me enhance my soft skills. Grow more as a better individual. It has brought a great paradigm shift towards self-betterment. This is yet another great book by him. Hence looking forward
In this book he says there is no doubt that you have within you incredible powers to achieve anything you have ever dreamed about. What a line this is.

A diary of a Young Girl, Anne Frank


Author : Anne Frank
Genre : Auto biography

I remember reading about Adolf Hitler and his attack in many parts of the world .it was really horrifying.
A 13 year Jewish girl escapes Nazis attack and explains he her experiences during world war 2 .
Here I have this curiosity of knowing on what happened during World War 2 which can take me back to 1944.
Also all the great motivation I will get from the story of 13 year young brave girl is really worth  for she believed in peace and humanity.

I love Money :

Now this is a book written in Kannada. Author here speaks about money and its importance. How to save your money, manage your expenses and become financially independent.
Long back I read a book called “Rich dad Poor dad “inspired by that I choose to read this book.
It’s always good to know your cash flows and improve our financial literacy

So this is in my list for next 6 month and all these books are gems in their own category .