RACI Matrix

There are ample situations where I see people playing blame game . one team puts blame on another and the other tries to push the ball each other’s court

This will leave only issues unresolved. I personally hate blame games as I’m solution oriented person .

I have already written a post long back regarding the same by name “Blame it on ..”

So what I want to discuss here is what strategy I used to avoid such thing

Its called RACI Matrix.

R = RESPONSIBLE – for execution of tasks

A = ACCOUNTABLE – own the responsibility

C = CONSULTED – suggestion and advise provider

I = INFORMED –to whom status is to be updated

If I have to map each task against each of these components this is how it looks

RACI Matrix

Above is the small matrix I prepared for a quick activity. It shows who is playing what role in these activities.

I share it among all the teams involved before I start these activities and let them know that I do not expect a deviation from it during the process

This also helps in conflict resolution among teams who are confused about their roles and responsibilities for a specific task

I have just applied it for a small scenario. It can be applied for various day-to-day tasks also .

You name it, and the matrix appears for you

So folks, what your take on it ?

The Drama triangle

In the previous post, I discussed about whiteboards at our workplace. The next thing I wrote in that was Drama triangle

Now it is very simple we all see daily drama in office and we think about different roles we are playing in that drama

Stephen Karpman came up with a drama triangle of human interactions, their roles and information transfer.

This theory says we all play 3 specific roles in our work life

  • Victim
  • Persecutor
  • Rescuer




Victim is usually a poor helpless person .who is seeking for help.

Persecutor is a usual a person with power, authority; who pressurizes, sometimes accuses, can be a troublemaker also .In short he is a bad boy 😉

Rescuer: he is heroic. Always helping around, Handles tough situations, making things easier for victims.


He came up with this triangle. Now I came across different scenarios and thought how I can form this triangle.

A customer who is pressurized by his boss to generate a monthly report immediately. Then he is unable to do it, as there is a technical glitch. Now he goes to the analyst and seeks help. Analyst then resolves the technical issue and helps the customer to generate the report.

Here, Customer is Victim. Hi Boss is a persecutor and analyst become a rescuer.

Situation 2:

Customer reports an issue constantly abuses analyst for not solving the issue quickly. Then a Technical Lead helps analyst in resolving the problem.

Here Customer becomes a persecutor, Analyst a victim and His Manager a rescuer.


This applies to personal life situation also. Let us see how:

Let’s say there is a man who constantly dominate over his wife to do household chores and bashes her if everything is not complete on time and then Son/daughter intervenes and says to his mother “ Mother, Let me talk to dad and make him understand your situation . Let me help you in you work also. “And finally helps in resolving things.

So now I leave you with this thought.

Who are playing what role in above situation and keep thinking about different roles you have played in different situation at your workplace.

Have you been only victimized or been a rescuer too?

Blame it on me..

I heard this slogan somewhere “life or mind is terrible master and a wonderful slave” either you should have a control over it or you will be made to dance to the tunes of life.
How often we see, people always complain, blame their managers for appraisal ratings
Blame wife/husband for unhappy home lives, blame boyfriend/girlfriend for all the heartbreaks
Blame strangers for some odd reasons, shopkeepers for not giving the change, police for catching you driving without license. But that’s a sad way to live. Who is the victim here??
We expect our partner/boss/strangers to change the way they live speak and react for your life to change. Observe that your life or mind for that matter is controlled by these people.
You’re becoming powerless. Who do you think should be held accountable for whatever happens in life?
Dint clear interviews?? people always Blame it on HR
Flunked exams?? people always Blame it on valuator
Breakups in relationship? people always Blame it on partner.
Well actually the better person to talk about problems in in your relationships is the person whom you’re in relation with.
Let’s analyze a little more and check if anything could have been done from our end which could have turned the things around and life would be still better?
And of course there will be situations where your partner has done something wrong
Well I believe life’s greatest difficulties are actually life’s biggest blessings,
As they make you stronger enough to face situations like this

While writing this post I remember the song sung by Akon “Blame it on Me”
Well to conclude.. lets understand that when you play blame games you’re really saying that they’ve shaped your destiny and are the cause of your current conditions.