Tips for emerging authors

i have always been reading about how to send queries, proposals to publishers. but what do publishers check after receiving your proposal??

Swapnil has mentioned some great tips on submitting your scripts to publishers. go check that out . comment on the original post.


Latest information and list of documents you need for manuscript submission for fiction to the Publishers and literary agents in India

via How to submit a manuscript in India — GirlandWorld!

A blogger turned author

I have been reading many blogs of different genre by different bloggers and they are all masters of their own creative way of writing .

but then bloggers do dream to be  author someday and convey their thoughts to millions of people out there .

One such blogger who achieved a milestone of authoring a book is SwatiiChandak (

Recently she authored a new book called Gradients (available at amazon


I had pre-ordered this book and it was available and delivered yesterday to me . i have read 3 of her poetries in her book and i must tell it gets you glued to the book . i felt an urge to keep reading poems one after the other.

words and emotions are  beautifully knitted like a garland .

with this I hope she turns out to be one promising author of new era and continues to deliver spectacular books ahead.

I wish her all the very best for her future endeavors and for all the blogger who would love to author their own master piece , please continue to nurture your passion and take a step ahead .

And if you already have a success story or a plan. please share here . i would love to see it