Action Plans

End of 2013 is almost nearing and we need  to take actionable for 2014

But what are our action plans for that? Have we planned it?

Financially, academically, socially, emotionally are you happy the way are or do you feel there has to be a change, a decision to be  taken, an action to be taken to make your lives happier and successful?

Now 1 simple thing I do every year is I prepare a check list like this

I will Review my financial, career goals

I will take my term plan in 2014

I will continue having healthy discussion with team for improvements

I will continue saving in my PPF account

I will not buy any useless policies

I will enhance my skill set (soft skill and software skills)

I will manage to spend more time with family besides work

I will avoid Procrastinating the work

I will make the investment for all desired financial goal

I will update my Nominations

I will start prioritizing the work

I will apply for my CIBIL report and Score

I will buy 1 personal finance book/Novel/Self help book per year

I will invest my huge ideal cash as emergency fund

And not only planning it but I ensure I have acted on all these plans positively and benefitted by it.

They Just DO NOT ACT

We always seeImage

ppl who have lot of knowledge. They read books and try to know more concepts

But how much do they implement it in their day to day life.

It applies to every field in life where we have been planning for a long time but never have been taking any action

Or are we lazy enough to take actions??

Why are we holding back. We never gave it a thought to take action. May be a small action today will get u more benefits tomorrow.

What is the use of having knowledge and not implementing it when time comes?

Even if u see ppl at work place they have strong technical knowledge theoretically but when it comes to implementation they are weak.

Ppl know they have to save money they don’t do it now

Ppl know how and when they have to start studying for exam. They have planned schedules for themselves. But are lazy enough to start now

Ppl know we need to cut down expenses but don’t do it.

We read books, search Google for information, but when they accumulate sufficient information they somehow refrain from implementing thing they wanted to though they have sufficient knowledge abt it

I also know ppl who have great knowledge about the diet they need to have. They have read in books that what kind of food they need consume. They can speak for hours about the same but when it comes to practicing it ,they are negligent. Don’t even follow simple steps like “fruits should be eaten in empty stomach and not immediately after lunch”

I know a friend of mine who has a very good knowledge about yoga but he himself doesn’t do it regularly and always worried about his health problem..

Like this we face may such situations when we know we need to take actions but don’t take even though we have enough information regarding the same.

Let’s take 1 action we planned every day. let’s see what changes will it bring to our life.