While I was watching a movie called Unbroken, a thought just crossed my mind .what does it take to be resilient . Ofcourse persistent effort. But there are other elements too.

An intent to fight back the odds . If you value your potential . If you understand and respect your truth worth, you always show an intent to fight.

Raise your voice for a cause : if someone feels you can be silenced just by increasing the no. Of decibles in their voice ,that speaks volumes about the loopholes they are trying to coverup. Raise your voice against the wrong things . understand what’s Right to your conscience and do not succumb to pressure which can break your moralities in life.

A true realisation of who you are as an individual would be put into test during hard times but Stand up for your own values . People eventually would question your talent , your skills , your knowledge. But as I always say believe in the power within you . You are unstoppable if have a strong conviction to be resilient.

Yet Another Award

Folks ,

its a pleasure that people recognize my worth and nominate me for awards . i’m now nominated for Creative Blogger Award

Yea my blogs are in a way different as i have written on brainstorming topics recently .

so the rule of this award say i need to share few facts about me .I can go on writing pages together but I should be restricting it to 5

below are the 5 facts

  1. My Mom used to call me angry young man. I still am. However, took a lot of time to channelize it in a proper way
  2. I never like someone hurting my self-respect.
  3. I am self-motivated, resilient, person who believes in Growing, learning and moving ahead even if no one did. self-belief ,and being leader in my own role make be this way.
  4. I’m a rebellion who has his own principles and moralities in life. I do not follow any rituals or customs blindly until I understand why it is followed. I need to know the importance and scientific reason behind every custom being followed because I do not support blind belief.
  5.  I plan my own personal finance and I believe everyone should be financially literate. I keep sharing whatever I know with the people I interact with. my theory is simple -> knowledge shared is knowledge gained

Thank you for this opportunity to share few facts about me .

Be clear about what you want

We all seek for Pro tips for success sometime I was asked to share success tips by few of my juniors during a session. First question I asked them was “what is success to you?”

There was a silence for few minutes. Gradually there were responses from many.

Mr. X said “Money”, Mr. Y said “Great career”, Ms. z said “being good daughter to her parents & becoming Rich “so on and so forth. For me it sounded little generic desire.

Now I was wondering what Pro-tip I can give. “be clear about your vision and when obstacles are ahead remember u still have ray of hope when you don’t give up”

I could see some confused faces. Maybe that was some greeko-latin jargons for them.

Now I just told them to do a simple thing, which I used to do.

Make 3 columns. Name the column headers as “Goal”, “Target date”, “what’s my next Move”.

Later I had suggested to make a list of things which is stopping them achieve each of their goal.

And fill 3 rows of that table. Within 15-20 mins I could see amazing things with better clarity in what they had written. All I say is if you are clear about what you want it becomes easier to plan how to accomplish it.

I had also made them write their “bucket list” (a list of things to do before they die).

Like, I have made List of movies to watch List of Books to read and list of Places to visit.

I leave you with this beautiful thought “Nothing Rises Suddenly. Not even Sun” so have vision and work towards it systematically.

Let it be …OK!!

There are times when we feel irritated , angry , sad on things which makes us go bonkers and scream out “inner peace, inner peace “ like kung fu panda

And you attain peace when you share it with your close friends. my situation was no more an exception to this . and that’s when my dear friend suggested me to listen to this beautiful song called “ Let It be..” by Beatles

And the lyrics goes like this..

when I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

The song actually made me feel delighted and left me motivated. And want to thank that dear friend for recommending this song

See the below quotes by one of the main composer of Beatles

“There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections.- John Lennon

Songs and music have this unique healing power though. I have some very unique collections in my play list which includes Eminem’s songs and require that dose of his songs often J

I’m not afraid, Hailie’s song, when I’m gone and cleaning out my closet are few song I listen to very often

Which is your list of songs which keep you going? Let me see if I can add those to my play list

OK now words of wisdom. (For me if not for anyone) :

I should concentrate more on what I love to do and do my best rather than worrying about what negative the people said about me. And for the hater I would say :who are they to judge the way I live

I should progress and keep doing my good work



a salute to the real fighter

I waswatching news channel and i found one of the best interviews being telecast-ed .it was an interview with Arunima Sinha . you might wonder who she is . she is the woman who  climbed mount Everest . we might think she is definitely not the first one . yes . but rest were not amputee. (i don’t want to say this ) she lost her leg few years back . and she was so shattered initially . but her strong desire to live her dreams made her reach this height.

she was pushed from the running train. i was shocked hearing this . but the courage and the resilience she had was mind blowing .

she had to do mountaineering where temperature drops to -60 , you start loosing touch with the reality , you cannot drag yourself up and its hard to breathe. imagine the situation she was in.climbing and reaching the summit was a personal challenge too for her.

the worst part was she saw people dying . and nothing could be done so save , you just have to sit down with them in their last minute and hear what they have to say . its horrible and terrifying experience. her oxygen supply was also less but she was determined . she also says decision making was very important skill she learnt because the situation and the weather condition lets you in human moral dilemmas often .

a big salute to her . the way she believed in self when no one did and proved herself was incredible . i feel proud that she is also from INDIA.

recently her autobiography is released its called “born again on mountains” i will definitely read it . and i suggest this to all my fellow bloggers too.

Incredibly , the Best

i was listening to Eminem’s songs in my playlist. i thought why is he called a verbal genious , one of the best rapper.because he is the best in what he does .(ofcourse he is 9th grade fail)

look at this quotes ->“If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as a Michaelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.”― Martin Luther King Jr.

Thats how we achieve success, live an exceptional life. by being so incredibly the best in what we do.
why do we go for Apple Products , why do we opt only Google and not any other search engine, why do we go for MC Donald to have burgers and not somewhere else.
if you had enough money to buy a Ferrari would you buy TATA Nano instead?
most of us would prefer former

. Looks at the sculpture in “Halebidu”, “the TajMahal . they are all the results of an effort of genius people who knew their passion , their strengths and they mastered the art .

if you look at the best businessman like warren Buffet, dont you think if u have had all the skills he had you would be one of the richest and successful person? if yes they go find out the secret of his success. he understands the market, collects various information make right decisions at right time and kept on learning about the things he loved -“investments”
most importantly he never did what others did .” I don’t want a 405 foot boat just because someone else has a 400 foot boat,” he says.

why do people like to see Micheal Jackson, Dharmesh,crockroaz(Raghav) Dance ? ? why do we love watching Roger fedderrer or Gayle play ?

Because they have a unique style which is the best and no one else could do as good as they do.

Here is simple tip but very effective :
Recognize what is that few things you are so good at and nurture that skills. master it.