Are you Shop-a-holic???


We love things  that we see in the showrooms and often desired to have it like Latest Mobile, laptops, new pair of shoes, Jeans, cool t-shirts. And now we go to get that thing and we find the Big sale 50% discount shops on the way. This is just the unplanned spending we do and that just happens

Remember the movie “confession of a shopaholic”?? the lady who was addicted to shopping and it took her a long time to come out of it..

I don’t know how much of value the unplanned sudden purchasing of things adds to our lives but just because the offer seems cheaper or appealing we go and get it.

We deviate from our systematic planning of bigger financial goals and get into meeting of our smaller sudden needs

Some ppl also use credit cards and fall into debt traps. The habit continues and always don’t have the habit of waiting for future benefits. I don’t say don’t enjoy now , but not at the cost of disturbing ur big financial goal ahead .

Have you ever bought a share which gave you instant profits?  Most of the people want to sell it off and take that profit right now, otherwise the profits can vanish!

 Investing in the wrong financial Products

How many times, have you bought things which you don’t need? But you still buy it,

because it feels good! For example, you might buy another touch screen mobile phone even though

your current phone is working well. You buy a nice new shirt – It was on display,

so I do say is please develop a habit of proper financial planning and then spend.

 be more responsible and think twice before you spend on other unimportant things.



People buy things on credit. Own Credit cards, apply for loans and few people have excess of debts.

But how to track all these information? Though I’m not a credit card holder and have no liabilities, I still wanted to know the way how these information are tracked.

And I found something called CIBIL-> Credit Information Bureau of India Limited.

It’s a central repository for all the information related to ur credit based financial transactions.

Many of the banks like SBI,HDFC,ICICI are CIBIL’S client.

What kind of information do CIBIL maintain?

a) You buy a credit card.

b) You make transactions with credit card.

c) You apply for loans.

if you don’t pay your loan on time , don’t pay your credit card bills on time ,that information is also tracked and interesting part is your punctuality in clearing the loan will also be recorded.

These reports are very useful in decision making for financial institution like banks, AMCs and many others as well as for an individual to monitor his personal finances.

I also have learnt that these days’ people with bad CIBIL report are often rejected in interviews conducted by some popular organizations.

All they have to say is if your CIBIL report is bad then it means you are very ignorant about your financial life and hence will certainly not add much value to the organization.

If a Relationship Manager say’s to the customer that “hey my own financial life is a mess. But don’t worry i will help you gain more profit in your investments” do you think customer will ever listen to him and co-ordinate will the organization??

I have also seen people who got their loan application rejected due to bad CIBIL reports as they feel that this individual will not pay clear amount on time.


I’m collecting more information about this. Incase people already know about this can give me more information.

“No” is a complicated word

We all have faced a situation where we dint wanted to do some particular work but we say “Yes” instead of “NO” .

Imagine your relatives /friends forcing you to buy insurance product which u dint wanted to buy you feel you r adequately insured but just because they are successful in convincing  you to buy that product You say yes.

I also got a call from by stock brokerage firm to trade into equities with his recommended stock & I choose my asset classes according to my investment needs and that point of time i wasn’t requiring to  trade into stocks. I kept telling all the reasons and he kept negotiating. Finally I gracefully Said “No”.

These agents/RM’s are pressurized by their organization to meet target and they might in the do or die situation when their jobs are at stake.

And it may happen you end up being a victim.

Remember the calls u would get from some bank convincing u to take personal loans. are we aware of Interest that is levied ?are u really in need of urgent cash and no other investments made so far meets your needs.?

Remember the calls from Customer care representative of a mobile network service provider to activate some service which u actually dint wish to but u end up activating it just because he was successful in convincing you.

Forget these. Remember kids or wife convincing you to purchase some or the other items while shopping which u feel is not necessary at that point of time.u really wanted to say “No” but u couldn’t say it and finally u buy it.

I have also heard of few cases where ppl agree to help their friends relatives by becoming guarenteer For their loan as, they want someone from the city itself and ask you to just give your PAN Card or any other documents as a proof. You can’t say NO. Months and years pass on and then when the time comes if they couldn’t repay the loan and eventually if u become a defaulter u would land into trouble.

even while choosing a career.. especially I have observed with students choosing engineering. They wanted to specialize in some branch of their choice and because their parents wants them to take up some other branch they will take that and then suffer.

Another example of frequently observed thing is someone getting committed in a relationship. They are actually not ready for it . but eventually their partner is successful in convincing them to say yes when all they wanted to say is “No”

Finally all they say is We are here to give you best service, please be kind and think about it . you wont get this offer anywhere finally accept it and then regret wish I could have said “No”

Tracking personal finance details

Many of us have our  savings and investments in different banks,AMC’S . we may have salary ac in 1 bank and savings ac just to save money like rd’s and fd in other banks.

We may have invested in several mutual funds. Few life insurance policies

But how do u keep track of all ur details regarding this periodically and get the consolidated report from it.

Let me share what I do.

I keep track of all details using a portal called

All u have to do  is sign up for this and add ur bank/MUTUAL fund/insurance ac details which is one time activity.

Then onwards viewing of updated details is just one click away .. the moment u press Auto update portal with sync with ur bank/MUTUAL fund/insurance ac  and show u the updated details .

Thus u can keep track of all those and generate consolidated reports for ur reference

Majority of its features are free .

Perfios App can also be downloaded in the mobile

Email/sms alerts are also available

Uploads of statements possible

Generate reports in xl/pdf format

If u want to keep track of only mutual funds u can also have a profile in

There are other method to get consolidated reports like CAMS/karvy.

So this was abt my way of keeping updates.

we should definitely try out some soft wares which provide a different options and features to securely track the data periodically, there is lot they provide free of cost and all you need is to put your data there

If any other methods are there please do share




Stronger Connections

I often come hear people saying “my relationship status is COMPLICATED”. I DO Interact with them and try to know when relationship can sometimes be extremely complicated and often I realized that to build and maintain Quality relationship requires few things which we often fail to follow.

How often do we understand that it’s important we have to build trust, remain consistent and become a person who is reliable in every situation?

Mutual respect is a thing we never bother about. I often hear people come to me saying “it was alright in the beginning. We respected each other’s view and differences also. But its 2-3 month and its not the same…”
Well I say its just2-3 months and if people are finding hard to respect the uniqueness of an individual which would make them feel very valuable and important then how about being with them for a lifetime.??

Recently I read an article which says people DO NOT communicate about important issues in their relationships and let the problem stack up.
Also we fail to listen attentively, calmly, quietly when the other person is sharing the emotions.
But when you do listen, it sends them a signal that u respect the other person’s emotions and deepen the level of trust. That’s what I feel

Recently I heard from my a good friend of mine who shares that he lacks care from his partner.
But that’s the greatest gift u can give to ur partner-THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE.

I know we have also always accustomed to criticizing comparing and complaining. But if we can be people builder rather than people-basher life would much more wonderful.

I have read somewhere and I follow the principle which says “catch them doing right” (them may refer to your teammate, your partner, your friend, child)

Finally I would say be helpful. Your willingness to step in and do little things to decrease the burden felt by ur family is always appreciated and respected. Share , contribute and help each other.
People can share their views on they have built successful human relationship

Mistake happens..So what

i see 2 categories of people every day .
a)people who see world filled with opportunities and possibilities. they believe every process they go through is designed to make their life successfull . their approach towards work,relationships are good and optimistic and they are seldom disappointed

b)other set of people has a different approach. they keeping blaming their fate for all the odds keep making mistakes and never learn from it. they also do not have mind of their own;meaning they are highly dependent on others in decision making.and 70% of decision they take is wrong.

infact the so called winners do mistakes in their lives. but they accept it, use their mistakes to improve the quality of their thinking and learn from it. and 2nd category of people DONOT do that.

whenever things doesnt go in an intended way for me i donot react immediately.relax for a moment and say to myself “that’s good” because i believe difficulties come to instruct more than to obstruct. every difficulty i have faced has made me think in a different dimension to overcome and i have been learning and growing.

in both Professional and personal life these below steps can be taken to deal with mistakes.
a) wat we can do is identify and write down the mistakes
b)find causes of it as how and why did it happen what are the critical variables involved in it.
c) take a decision.
d)delegate the responsibility to set of people
well we all know this but still dont do it.

I Believe , I motivate

People dream, aspire, share their passion with friends, family, and society (community).

But what would inspire them reach their aspirations and move towards their goal.??

When people share their knowledge, skills, innovations, thoughts it’s just the encouragement that re-enforces them to keep doing the good work and enrich their skills..

When people support the aspirants they feel motivated and energized and they move confidently in the direction of their dream. And this point is really important:

Believe whole of the content is all about—being an encourager of people’s passions without criticizing them to the extent that they will be demoralized.

We see so many unmotivated people at work just because their boss will never try to appreciate 8 out of 10 things done exceptionally well. But give reprimands for 2 mistakes committed.

People always look for more opportunities to learn new skill and improve the existing ones

And after learning all they wish is pass on the learning to others.

And when people around them criticizes them frequently they start to find the discrepancy in the expectation they had earlier stage and the reality now.

Yes people should be receptive to both negative and positive feedback but every time they are learning to do something new they should be encouraged. That’s the point I want to emphasize on.

I read a blog called “rejection stamp” long back where I came across many senarios where people stop trying something just because of fear of rejection.

So this is all I wanted to convey. Develop a sense of appreciation. It can create wonders.