Blog traffic??What’s your SEO trick

Many people look for SEO tricks to get traffic.. A huge traffic. They expect to get 100,000 hits overnight .it simply doesn’t work that way

The best techniques I learned .
Concentrate on the content . a good content and an nice title generally pulls the crowd .
Do not write lengthy article ,say almost 3 pages long. I prefer content of about 200 words usually which conveys good meaning
Sometimes a photo with a message is good to have . people run out of patience reading lengthy posts.
You wanna get comment, leave a comment
Comment on the posts which you feel worth reading. By comment I don’t mean just commenting as “good post” , share ur thought on the subject . and also be open to receive comments. Don’t close conversation by simply saying “thanks”
Respond back with ur thoughts on their comment

Organize your post
Categorize your blogs properly. Put them under group which they belong to
Add  tags to increase visibility while searching

If you are on social networking sites like Facebook ,Twitter then share it on them so that all your friends will get to know your post

Well this is a gradual process and do not expect an immediate success

I leave  you with a thought .  finally what is your motto behind writing??
Is it to become famous ?? Or share your thoughts?? Or follow your passion?? Or something else ??

Because I believe blogging is not a sport . blogging is more than providing just an insight on a topic.. Moreover look at the lives you have inspired by ur blogs than no. Of followers



Its Your Life.Face it. Don’t Facebook it

Few days back, I was interacting with group of college students and I was asked why I don’t have a Facebook account.

For me Facebook is very much a virtual world.i’m not sure how many people turn out to your real good friend in reality. They might like your  every wall status. In reality they might not accept your perceptions , your uniqueness, your whole damn thought Process.

Possibly  when you require a shoulder to lye and cry on, they may send an e-shoulder. 😉

I have observed people update what every single little thing they do, on facebook wall. (I ate goddamn upma, I’m goin to bathroom, I’m thinking of white polar bear, m wearing new dress.. and what not..)

instead I prefer sitting and talking to famly members . planning my goals . reading a book .Invest in self development. call friends and  meet up .

how many of us have taken time to appreciate our loved ones and thank nature and life for whatever good things happened Ii always say people stop proclaiming your love for ur mom ur dad on your status updates . get off from facebook and go give her a hug and take her out. make her feel valued.

OK it might be a fun poking each other virtually whole day on facebook.. but are we learning anything from this? its just eating people Productive time.Remember victims like leisure , leaders love learning. victims love entertainment, leaders love educating

its so crazy but true that for some people if they have no social network profile then  they are non existent.

No, I don’t hate facebook. people have found friends.

It can act as a great tool for Promoting business , Product , services to consumers  .recently I read an article which say facebook maintains 1800 MysQL DB servers with just 2 DBAs. so incredible

 its just how addictive  and some times self destructive social networking sites could be is a concern.

My simple findings in Linux


Way back in 2006 I wondered why people are so much acquainted with windows Operating system.

Ofcourse Windows OS have a UI which is popular for its ease-of-use feature.

But I would also like to share few of my findings with Linux Operating system.

I have been using UBUNTU Linux OS for quite a few yrs . It’s an open source OS and free of course added to list of FOSS.

A) Imagine a situation u have downloaded Ur bank a/c statement which in .pdf format.

With Linux, you don’t have to download and install Acrobat reader explicitly.

B) Imagine a situation where you receive a mail from friend which has images as an attachment and wish to morph it ,edit it ,add some effects.

With Linux being installed, u don’t have to install Adobe Photoshop separately. Gimp editor is already installed.

What i’m trying to tell is many such basic s/w like:

Acrobat reader

Mozilla web browser (like IE in windows)


Open like MS office in windows)

Evolution email client(like outlook express in windows)

Pidgin instant messenger(

Amarock music player

and many more are already available ready to use.

Linux OS is not vulnerable to Virus attacks.

It comes with 2 desktop environments



Package manager utility is available to install and update the  softwares .

Plenty of software available for download and install is categorized and consolidated in 1 utility called UBUNtu software center.

We usually open multiple applications and sometimes desktop looks clumsy.

Why to get lost in the clutter?

Linux has option to toggle between multiple desktop workspaces. Even start menu is very well organized and categorised

Other feature what I observed was I don’t have to reboot it every time I installed some new soft wares

Patches, fixes are made available at the faster rate.

Compiz fusion utility helps us setting wonderful themes.

I also could install some of the various windows s/w in Linux thru software called Wine. And even played many games

As far as I know OS takes care of defragmentation.

As a .Net Developer I was thinking how do I install visual studio IDE. Then I found an open source alternative to it . its called MONO develop.

With new Linux flavor called Linux “Mint” the UI looks more appealing than its previous distros.

All together I have come across many such good findings ,features of Linux. If have listed only fewof them above. People who have worked on linux can add on to it.