a salute to the real fighter

I waswatching news channel and i found one of the best interviews being telecast-ed .it was an interview with Arunima Sinha . you might wonder who she is . she is the woman who  climbed mount Everest . we might think she is definitely not the first one . yes . but rest were not amputee. (i don’t want to say this ) she lost her leg few years back . and she was so shattered initially . but her strong desire to live her dreams made her reach this height.

she was pushed from the running train. i was shocked hearing this . but the courage and the resilience she had was mind blowing .

she had to do mountaineering where temperature drops to -60 , you start loosing touch with the reality , you cannot drag yourself up and its hard to breathe. imagine the situation she was in.climbing and reaching the summit was a personal challenge too for her.

the worst part was she saw people dying . and nothing could be done so save , you just have to sit down with them in their last minute and hear what they have to say . its horrible and terrifying experience. her oxygen supply was also less but she was determined . she also says decision making was very important skill she learnt because the situation and the weather condition lets you in human moral dilemmas often .

a big salute to her . the way she believed in self when no one did and proved herself was incredible . i feel proud that she is also from INDIA.

recently her autobiography is released its called “born again on mountains” i will definitely read it . and i suggest this to all my fellow bloggers too.


Energy Sucking succubus around us

We come across so many Energy Vampires. Often People around us who drain our energy. Whose presence makes us feel sudden adrenaline rush in the head. unpleasant feeling surrounds your mind . I have experienced plenty of people who have been an energy vampires in my life. Eventually I have started moving away from such people. old memories spent with them do haunt us occasionally but gradually I’m trying shift my focus towards better paradigm shift . I don’t say run away from Problem . but being around them too much might inject negativity in your mind.

Somebody said “surround Yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher “So true.

there were times when I had people around me who with reckless , ruthless. they used toxic language, they complained.

but still had to interact with them for few obvious reasons. but then I realized it wasn’t really necessary to talk to them either for they only bring your morale down , and nothing really positive happens in your life except Every thought leaves you with a frowny face .

I just stumbled upon this nice quotes by Robin Sharma -> “if you’re  not lifting other’s up, don’t bring people down”.

Life has so beautiful things to offer. so good memories to remember , plenty of finest opportunities to take you to pinnacle. but then if we keep roaming with these vampires would we be able to enjoy these wonderful things? think about it



Incredibly , the Best

i was listening to Eminem’s songs in my playlist. i thought why is he called a verbal genious , one of the best rapper.because he is the best in what he does .(ofcourse he is 9th grade fail)

look at this quotes ->“If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as a Michaelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.”― Martin Luther King Jr.

Thats how we achieve success, live an exceptional life. by being so incredibly the best in what we do.
why do we go for Apple Products , why do we opt only Google and not any other search engine, why do we go for MC Donald to have burgers and not somewhere else.
if you had enough money to buy a Ferrari would you buy TATA Nano instead?
most of us would prefer former

. Looks at the sculpture in “Halebidu”, “the TajMahal . they are all the results of an effort of genius people who knew their passion , their strengths and they mastered the art .

if you look at the best businessman like warren Buffet, dont you think if u have had all the skills he had you would be one of the richest and successful person? if yes they go find out the secret of his success. he understands the market, collects various information make right decisions at right time and kept on learning about the things he loved -“investments”
most importantly he never did what others did .” I don’t want a 405 foot boat just because someone else has a 400 foot boat,” he says.

why do people like to see Micheal Jackson, Dharmesh,crockroaz(Raghav) Dance ? ? why do we love watching Roger fedderrer or Gayle play ?

Because they have a unique style which is the best and no one else could do as good as they do.

Here is simple tip but very effective :
Recognize what is that few things you are so good at and nurture that skills. master it.

“No” is a complicated word

We all have faced a situation where we dint wanted to do some particular work but we say “Yes” instead of “NO” .

Imagine your relatives /friends forcing you to buy insurance product which u dint wanted to buy you feel you r adequately insured but just because they are successful in convincing  you to buy that product You say yes.

I also got a call from by stock brokerage firm to trade into equities with his recommended stock & I choose my asset classes according to my investment needs and that point of time i wasn’t requiring to  trade into stocks. I kept telling all the reasons and he kept negotiating. Finally I gracefully Said “No”.

These agents/RM’s are pressurized by their organization to meet target and they might in the do or die situation when their jobs are at stake.

And it may happen you end up being a victim.

Remember the calls u would get from some bank convincing u to take personal loans. are we aware of Interest that is levied ?are u really in need of urgent cash and no other investments made so far meets your needs.?

Remember the calls from Customer care representative of a mobile network service provider to activate some service which u actually dint wish to but u end up activating it just because he was successful in convincing you.

Forget these. Remember kids or wife convincing you to purchase some or the other items while shopping which u feel is not necessary at that point of time.u really wanted to say “No” but u couldn’t say it and finally u buy it.

I have also heard of few cases where ppl agree to help their friends relatives by becoming guarenteer For their loan as, they want someone from the city itself and ask you to just give your PAN Card or any other documents as a proof. You can’t say NO. Months and years pass on and then when the time comes if they couldn’t repay the loan and eventually if u become a defaulter u would land into trouble.

even while choosing a career.. especially I have observed with students choosing engineering. They wanted to specialize in some branch of their choice and because their parents wants them to take up some other branch they will take that and then suffer.

Another example of frequently observed thing is someone getting committed in a relationship. They are actually not ready for it . but eventually their partner is successful in convincing them to say yes when all they wanted to say is “No”

Finally all they say is We are here to give you best service, please be kind and think about it . you wont get this offer anywhere else.you finally accept it and then regret wish I could have said “No”

He isn’t what we expect

I read a blog yesterday which emphasized on the people management and it all revolved around handling people who are little aggressive enough in their approach. I was just thinking why people behave in such a way.

I have also come across such people in few of my conference/meetings where they try to prove their point strongly. But I look for 2 major things in that.

a) Whether the person who argues has complete information about the concept/idea/matter of discussion.

b) is he just being autocratic in his approach just to prove he is right.


Either People are not being receptive to other’s point of view or

They have failed to learn the art of collaborating and the finishing the work

If each person develops these above 2 qualities (being receptive and collaborating) it could make a difference

People aren’t mind readers and sometimes it’s unfair to expect them to think the way we think. But we can always give them an opportunity to share their point of view

Let’s understand the fact that in process and while arriving at solutions need built-in means of communication with each other

Well I must say we need to listen till they finish saying whatever they want and then we can state our opinion

Avoid sarcasm as much as possible

1 thing I have noticed is people trying to change the way they react, behave or communicate. And its mere waste of energy in doing so.

Last but not the least I would say we are not designed to meet the expectations of all the people in the world.

Create a win-win situation where both people can be happy and fulfilled. A little compromise may be needed.

I often use these words like “I prefer..”  , “I believe”, “I need” and these words are very compelling.