Spend Analyzer



I logged in to my bank website check my transaction history and accidentally stumbled upon a link there which read “spend Analyzer”

Now basically what is does it allows you to allocate your budget for a month.

There are various categories given which helps you segregate your expense projection.

Now once allocation is done and you save the changes, you have an option for notification

This helps you get notified when your budget reached the specific Percentage. Let say I set it 90%

Here is the below screen shot

spend analyser



Now let’s look at pro’s

  1. Your expenses are controlled
  2. You will be notified well in advance about your budget completion and there by you can plan well in advance


  1. Categories are not sufficient enough
  2. You are unable to add or customize the category

Although I have better ways that I use to plan and regulate my cash flows, but I would like to use this option for a month and see how it works.

PS: figures you see as amount in the screenshot are hypothetical values and not my actual budget projection

I leave you with a thought. How do you regulate your expenses?

Have your created you After Note ??

I had written couple of post on how helpful is the documentation you create about your assets and financial details in case of death. Your dependents are likely to get the information more quicker than usual.

Now I’m gonna discuss about 2 other things which I did recently

I was just wondering what happens to my investments and savings after my death. That is definitely adding up to my Net Asset Value. How will my nominee be able to find the information at the faster rate?

So I found something called “SecureSafe

Go, Google “securesafe password manager”. Here I can store my login credentials of different financial institution’s site. With encryption.

I’m still on trial run because though I’m convinced that it’s completely safe but still 1% risk is always there when you go online.

You can also upload important files. Now problem here is I can upload only up to 10MB. If you want more then there is a paid service available for it.

Now the 2nd interesting site is AfterNote :


this I used to create my bucket list , my messages to be delivered to my nominees/dear ones etc. after my death , wishes I would like to deliver after my death .

Now I can also store and share information about my financial, medical information

Share info about what should happen to my internet accounts. Should someone deactivate it explicitly or should someone continue using it

What should happen to my telephone bills, rent, and other online subscriptions?

So this way there are lot of information that needs to be shared to your nominees so that they can carry out the instructions easily and lot of mess could be avoided

People can check this site out and let me know how you find this.

Check security options always

The catch here is you have to choose two trustees who can have access to this account and ensure that your last wishes are fulfilled. But my concern here is they should only have read access and should be trustworthy too.

My Money Master Details –

I had earlier written about maintaining your personal finance data. I told you how it can help your dependents.

Now I dint tell you how I organize those. I usually have an excel sheets for that.

I do have created a website accessible locally connected to my local database where I import these data from excel to web app. This  acts as an additional back up.

i do it for a simple reason that i will have track of my cash flows,updated information of my financial data .i have a consolidated report. hence it is also important to update it periodically

Now what information do I have in excel? I have 5 major sheets and below is the structure

Sheet1->my Mutual Fund Investments. You can see I have goals attached to each asset class

It contains below columns


Next sheet contains info on tax declaration to save Income tax

Tax saving Products Amount Financial year
PPF xxx 2015-16
ELSS xxx 2015-16
Health Insurance xxx 2015-16
LIC xxx 2015-16
HRA xxx 2015-16
PF xxx 2015-16

In the next sheet I have Income tax projection for the whole financial year. I cannot show it here since its huge table data

In the next sheet I have Insurance details


Next sheet shows Bank deposits data

Bank Acoount# Account Type Amount Remarks

The next sheet contains information on additional income other than you salary/regular paycheck

This may include the rent you get from your property

Property Rent Advance Location Remarks

The last sheet contains all addition information you may like to keep. i have my LPG gas connection details stored


This is how I maintain master data . do it if you like this idea. Again this is for day 3 of my photo challenge. photos are very small . but it conveys appropriate message from me .

PS:click on the image if its not clearly visible

Bank Lockers . Are you an informed banking customer?

sharing you my experience on how bank officials mislead us.

this Monday i had been to a bank to ask for a locker facility . it was Karnatak Bank , Bangalore .
I was introduced to the lady who was in-charge of maintaining lockers. she showed me lockers of different size.
i was OK with that and confirmed the locker size i need . i asked for the annual fees for that and she said 2850 INR per year

i was still OK with that since it was essential to avail that facility for me now for some obvious reasons

we talked about paperwork and i was about to leave when she said . there is a condition..

below is the conversation

she : Sir , to avail this you need to do one more thing

me : and..what would that be ?

she : Sir you need to keep 100,000 INR as fixed deposit

me : huh?? i don’t feel the necessity i have enough of funds under debt asset class. and why do you tell me do that ?

she: it’s a security deposit sir .

me : Thank you . I cannot afford it and I don’t feel the necessity too. I will make a move .Good Day

She: sir , please wait . if you can’t afford it , we have another option

Me:  Err!! what is it now madam

She : you should buy an insurance policy .. we have insurance adviser here you can talk to him

me : sorry , I’m adequately insured

she : sorry sir, we cannot give you locker facility then ..

me : so in that case I would say there is no rule like that . only rule i know is  you can only take 3 times the annual fees as a security deposit .
meaning when u say its 2850 INR u can take 2850*3=8550 . This is RBI rules

i opened up the site in my mobile and showed her the rules.

“Banks may face situations where the locker-hirer neither operates the locker nor pays rent. To ensure prompt payment of locker rent, banks may at the time of allotment, obtain a Fixed Deposit which would cover 3 years rent and the charges for breaking open the locker in case of an eventuality. However, banks should not insist on such Fixed Deposit from the existing locker-hirers. “


now she said , “sir I think lockers are full , may be next month i will check again and revert back to you .

now question is are you informed about this ? are you financially literate enough to tackle situations like this
or were you a victim of misselling products like this by any bank officials.
Please share your story .

Is your Goal SMART?

I have been discussing with people enough about the savings/ investing. People also have realized why it is important.
After all, why are we working so hard? To fulfill our bigger dreams. Isn’t it?
All right, somehow reluctantly people said OK to save some money out of their salary but ever wondered,
is our current savings enough to fulfill our dreams? If not, why? (I know we dint get enough hike). It’s just lack of systematic goal setting
Is your goal SMART Enough (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely)?

I recently met an old friend who earns 15k per month and wants to own a 3BHK flat in Bangalore in 3 yrs.
I asked him how much have you saved until now, for which he answered 10k in 2 yrs.
The very first thought, which came into my mind, is how he is going to achieve it.
Instance 2)
I also met a lady who says she wants she wants 800,000 for her child’s education.in next 10 yrs.
She has been earning 35k/month and saving 10k per month.
I appreciated her efforts. Moreover, I wished her good luck.
Do you see the difference? It is all about how clear are they about their goals, and how systematic the woman is.
I know people complain of having lack of time and patience for this. However, somewhere I read
over pessimism will kill your present & over optimism will kill your future.

How i started Blogging

I started this journey of blogging around 3 years back. I was a popular blogger in my organization where there were internal blog sites and I was named as “Most informative Blogger

But when I started I dint know what topics to write on. and I say serial love stories , photography blogs , fiction blogs were  floating around and if I selected these genre I would have been yet another story teller in huge crowd .

Then I thought I aint a crowd follower but I had an urge to share some valuable much information which no one did there. And I had this interest in personal finance

I started to share my thought on Money Management. I was initially criticized, made fun of, I got sarcastic comments and there were only 2 to 3 people who would show interest.

But I did not stop there. I kept sharing and gradually over a period of 45 days people started liking it as it was much valuable information I was providing which was helping them understand their cash flows , investments , savings , risk factor So on and so forth .

I used to get responses like this:

@Sup, at this age I think you should enjoy life.. Not to worry about financial details…

And I simply used to reply

“Thanks. I do enjoy as well as I’m responsible enough to meet a many financial and personal goals.. If not me, who else will support me reaching that
I enjoy present also and I keep myself secured financially for a rainy day also”

Sometimes there were heated up arguments on my methods and their thought process. But as days passed on, people started liking my post, my Ideas.

someone wrote

The one and only Sup who will give info on managing money!

I did blog about lot of other topics as well. Every time I blogged I got wonderful response and gradually I became a little more popular.

Now that I wanted to share was that It was a fruitful decision of starting a blog and my organization gave me certificate of achievement and awarded me “Enterprise Blogger of the year”.

So this is it . keep writing Keep sharing .

I leave you with this thought “your passion should become your quest to discover more about you and do incredible things.

Action Plans

End of 2013 is almost nearing and we need  to take actionable for 2014

But what are our action plans for that? Have we planned it?

Financially, academically, socially, emotionally are you happy the way are or do you feel there has to be a change, a decision to be  taken, an action to be taken to make your lives happier and successful?

Now 1 simple thing I do every year is I prepare a check list like this

I will Review my financial, career goals

I will take my term plan in 2014

I will continue having healthy discussion with team for improvements

I will continue saving in my PPF account

I will not buy any useless policies

I will enhance my skill set (soft skill and software skills)

I will manage to spend more time with family besides work

I will avoid Procrastinating the work

I will make the investment for all desired financial goal

I will update my Nominations

I will start prioritizing the work

I will apply for my CIBIL report and Score

I will buy 1 personal finance book/Novel/Self help book per year

I will invest my huge ideal cash as emergency fund

And not only planning it but I ensure I have acted on all these plans positively and benefitted by it.