Action Plans

End of 2013 is almost nearing and we need  to take actionable for 2014

But what are our action plans for that? Have we planned it?

Financially, academically, socially, emotionally are you happy the way are or do you feel there has to be a change, a decision to be  taken, an action to be taken to make your lives happier and successful?

Now 1 simple thing I do every year is I prepare a check list like this

I will Review my financial, career goals

I will take my term plan in 2014

I will continue having healthy discussion with team for improvements

I will continue saving in my PPF account

I will not buy any useless policies

I will enhance my skill set (soft skill and software skills)

I will manage to spend more time with family besides work

I will avoid Procrastinating the work

I will make the investment for all desired financial goal

I will update my Nominations

I will start prioritizing the work

I will apply for my CIBIL report and Score

I will buy 1 personal finance book/Novel/Self help book per year

I will invest my huge ideal cash as emergency fund

And not only planning it but I ensure I have acted on all these plans positively and benefitted by it.


Abundance in life -Money or Happiness?

we all like being rich, having luxurious life. but ever thought , “Is Money the only thing we need in Life?”

my friend sent an image with a nice quote . it says “you are considered to be truly wealthy if you have all that which even Money cant buy ” very profound but yes i had to agree with that.

of-course, in the city we live , to the kind of lifestyle we are trying to adapt to and rate at which inflation is growing and cost of living is increasing , so as our needs are increasing which requires a good amount of money Practically.

but on the contrary .even if you acquire all the assets you desire but you loose your mental peace , your focus , then do you think these monetary gain is worth acquiring.?

there are hundreds of things to be achieved in life apart from money.  beautiful relationships with your dear ones, the pleasure of achieving your personal milestones (even if it’s small) 

somewhere is read ->”Happiness transports you to a higher vibration. You make connections with people that generate opportunities. -Erica Nelson”

it might not be appropriate to discuss whether money is important or not .. but i must say “you being happy is important”





Unaccomplished things !!

we all have unfinished tasks in life , something w wished to do but weren’t able to do it.

well i don’t mean meeting your organization’s objective specifically. but something beyond that .The Love you wanted to express it to your loved ones , the lives you wanted to inspire, The Dream you wanted to achieve, the places you wanted to visit. so on.. and so forth..

But the Question is what holds us back from completing that task . some variable Probably .

well with few people to whom asked these question had 3 solid reasons they identified for themselves.

a)Procrastinate things : they are occupied with 100 different things and at end of the day they sleep by thinking “I Will finish this tomorrow ” or may be they have grown lazy and are disinterested . or due to Pressurized work environment.

i like the thing what Walt disney said “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

b)they take things for Granted : Either they think it’s OK if they don’t say “I love you “,don’t write their Goals , don’t like to collect information or  wait for something to happen by itself .

i believe A small step toward your goals might a make a big difference .so never take these small things for granted .

It’s human nature to start taking things for granted again when danger isn’t banging loudly on the door.
David Hackworth

c) They Just Dream: My dad used to say “Don’t Just dream. Make it happen ” don’t keep watching people create wonders .Create it.”

what ever might be the reason .when we are old  and look back at the things we did and did not ,and Realise and say that “i wish i would have said what he/she means to me” , “i wish i ha gone to that place , i wish i had taken that risk my life would have been better” “i wish i had appreciated/Motivated ” its an ugly feeling that prevails, isn’t it?







Incredibly , the Best

i was listening to Eminem’s songs in my playlist. i thought why is he called a verbal genious , one of the best rapper.because he is the best in what he does .(ofcourse he is 9th grade fail)

look at this quotes ->“If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as a Michaelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.”― Martin Luther King Jr.

Thats how we achieve success, live an exceptional life. by being so incredibly the best in what we do.
why do we go for Apple Products , why do we opt only Google and not any other search engine, why do we go for MC Donald to have burgers and not somewhere else.
if you had enough money to buy a Ferrari would you buy TATA Nano instead?
most of us would prefer former

. Looks at the sculpture in “Halebidu”, “the TajMahal . they are all the results of an effort of genius people who knew their passion , their strengths and they mastered the art .

if you look at the best businessman like warren Buffet, dont you think if u have had all the skills he had you would be one of the richest and successful person? if yes they go find out the secret of his success. he understands the market, collects various information make right decisions at right time and kept on learning about the things he loved -“investments”
most importantly he never did what others did .” I don’t want a 405 foot boat just because someone else has a 400 foot boat,” he says.

why do people like to see Micheal Jackson, Dharmesh,crockroaz(Raghav) Dance ? ? why do we love watching Roger fedderrer or Gayle play ?

Because they have a unique style which is the best and no one else could do as good as they do.

Here is simple tip but very effective :
Recognize what is that few things you are so good at and nurture that skills. master it.

Your self- worth

Have you ever been called “useless, worthless, and incompetent”? And do you think is it true when someone tell you that?

Fact is that it doesn’t matter what people think of you but what you think who you are is what matters.

Buddha once said “All that we are is result of what we have thought”.

If we love and respect ourselves naturally we learn to love others. There are many situations when people thought me as incompetent when I left my engineering. I was angry, sad and frustrated.

But my dreams, convictions were so strong that I channelized my anger in a proper way. Even though initially I was the only one who believed in me I kept moving. I was heard Shiv khera said “winners recognize their limitations but focus on their strengths”

But what happens to our self-esteem when someone says we are worthless creature on the earth.

We feel disrespected. If someone hurt my self-respect I will never feel like speaking to them .but more important is – are we considering ourselves worthy? Yes. Here is what I did. I took a small piece of paper. I wrote my 5 limitations of left hand side and 5 positive point of right hand side. I useto call it I-pad(Idea Pad).It took me 2 days to analyze it perfectly. Now my aim was clearer. Transform 5 limitations into strengths and improve my positive traits. Now I don’t need to prove it to anyone for my results speak for themselves.


 I leave you with nice quote

Trust yourself. Create the kind of life you will be as happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into the flames of achievement – Robin Sharma 

They Just DO NOT ACT

We always seeImage

ppl who have lot of knowledge. They read books and try to know more concepts

But how much do they implement it in their day to day life.

It applies to every field in life where we have been planning for a long time but never have been taking any action

Or are we lazy enough to take actions??

Why are we holding back. We never gave it a thought to take action. May be a small action today will get u more benefits tomorrow.

What is the use of having knowledge and not implementing it when time comes?

Even if u see ppl at work place they have strong technical knowledge theoretically but when it comes to implementation they are weak.

Ppl know they have to save money they don’t do it now

Ppl know how and when they have to start studying for exam. They have planned schedules for themselves. But are lazy enough to start now

Ppl know we need to cut down expenses but don’t do it.

We read books, search Google for information, but when they accumulate sufficient information they somehow refrain from implementing thing they wanted to though they have sufficient knowledge abt it

I also know ppl who have great knowledge about the diet they need to have. They have read in books that what kind of food they need consume. They can speak for hours about the same but when it comes to practicing it ,they are negligent. Don’t even follow simple steps like “fruits should be eaten in empty stomach and not immediately after lunch”

I know a friend of mine who has a very good knowledge about yoga but he himself doesn’t do it regularly and always worried about his health problem..

Like this we face may such situations when we know we need to take actions but don’t take even though we have enough information regarding the same.

Let’s take 1 action we planned every day. let’s see what changes will it bring to our life.


Mistake happens..So what

i see 2 categories of people every day .
a)people who see world filled with opportunities and possibilities. they believe every process they go through is designed to make their life successfull . their approach towards work,relationships are good and optimistic and they are seldom disappointed

b)other set of people has a different approach. they keeping blaming their fate for all the odds keep making mistakes and never learn from it. they also do not have mind of their own;meaning they are highly dependent on others in decision making.and 70% of decision they take is wrong.

infact the so called winners do mistakes in their lives. but they accept it, use their mistakes to improve the quality of their thinking and learn from it. and 2nd category of people DONOT do that.

whenever things doesnt go in an intended way for me i donot react immediately.relax for a moment and say to myself “that’s good” because i believe difficulties come to instruct more than to obstruct. every difficulty i have faced has made me think in a different dimension to overcome and i have been learning and growing.

in both Professional and personal life these below steps can be taken to deal with mistakes.
a) wat we can do is identify and write down the mistakes
b)find causes of it as how and why did it happen what are the critical variables involved in it.
c) take a decision.
d)delegate the responsibility to set of people
well we all know this but still dont do it.