An open letter to CEO of Flipkart. “Flipkart is irresponsible” 

Dear Flipkart CEO, 

This is to bring your notice how irresponsible is Flipkart. 
The item which was ordered on big billion day was supposed to be delivered on September 2017 and yet is not delivered. 
When i contacted the customer support . I was told that product  is missed out and cannot be delivered and hence I have to order a new item. 
Kindly answer me these questions
Does Flipkart responsibility end the moment customer creates an order or is it Flipkart responsibility to ensure order is delivered to customer . 
Why should I order a new item with an increased rate now ? Will the difference amount be refunded? No. So why should I create a new order 
Mr. Gurpreet (assistant manager) from idore says  , order is cancelled by seller . But the status shows and shipped ? How can a seller cancel the order after its shipped . ?
Later I was informed it’s a problem with logistics. And product is missed out I the different city and they cannot help it

Customer is not here to teach Flipkart about how to coordinate with different teams and get the things sorted out .

It’s the responsibility of Flipkart to coordinate with whoever is responsible and resolve it. 
Big billion day was not announced me. It’s announced by Flipkart and Flipkart should be responsible for ensuring your operations , sales and logistics teams are ready to take responsibility for any issues with delivery.

I here by would request you to take necessary action immediately and get the product delivered ,let public know how irresponsible Flipkart is . 

Watch my video to know more in details.

Author: theonlysup

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23 thoughts on “An open letter to CEO of Flipkart. “Flipkart is irresponsible” ”

  1. Been a victim of this only last year when they delivered an item.late which was a birthday presentfor my sister. Despite confirming before hand if the phone will get delivered on time, and despite them confirming a zillion times, the phone was delivered a whole fortnight late. So you can imagine my frustration. Let alone the thousand follow up calls. So, that was a goodbye to Flipkart from me.

    1. Yeah that’s not a pleasant experience. I understand. But I did not get the product at all. But I’m not gonna keep quite. Let’s see what happens. Thanks for sharing your experience Dear

  2. It happens especially in the big billion days… and I have heard the reason why orders dont reach us is that they are illegally bought in betwren their way to us… thats why they ultimayrly cancel the order.

  3. The last time i took something on a Big Billion sale was the entire box set of Harry Potter for flat 50%. This time #GameofThrones set was available at flat 50% but still i didnt take 🙂 Somehow i knew this kind of shit was bound to happen. Ella e-commerce maaye.

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