via Daily Prompt: CollaborationΒ  have you been working on something independently and wished you had some one who thinks like you , who could share you responsibility exceptionally well as you do?

now this is the main reason people collaborate .

i have always believed in team work , be it your personal life or professional career . we need to collaborate with various people to achieve an objective , a milestone in an efficient way .

look how amazingly collaboration works. you collaborate with you partner in household works, your children collaborate with you in their study time , you collaborate with various family members for important decisions to be taken ..and the list goes on..

would it be efficient if you had to manage everything alone ?

it could be , but sometimes time-consuming and wasting to many efforts which otherwise could have been completed soon with collaboration and the remaining time could be used for any other productive work .

think why here in the blogging world, writers collaborate .

they find like-minded people who are extremely good in their own way . but have different set of followers . what happens when they collaborate ? they are sharing the information with more no. of readers .

think of a wedding ceremony, festivals, any other important occasions in the family .

how will they execute all the plans so efficiently ?? how will they organize everything.

it’s all a collaborative efforts of their own team defined for specific purpose .

i do not say living independently is bad. i believe in that .. but no person is 100% independent.. we need interdependence sometimes to live a great life .


what are your thoughts on that ? comment me back



Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

64 thoughts on “Collaborate”

  1. Yea I agree, two minds are better than one and so forth, You can achieve amazing things with the power of collaboration. All it takes is one goal strong enough to fire up a group of people. I am thinking Independence movements across the worlds.

      1. I write reviews about books I read.. Initially it used to be short and sweet but after starting my blog, I have started putting all my thoughts into words.. Check it out.. Hehehe

      2. Great… Enjoy… I am quite a private person.. Blog Facebook goodreads and I am exhausted..
        Is duniya main rehna hai, chalna bhi hai uske saath
        Bas itna bhi nahi dikhana hai, ki duniya sirf virtual reh jaye…
        Do u understand hindi?? I want to live in this world, walk with it
        Just don’t want to show so much, that all my world remains only virtual… Loosely written and translated.. Hehe

      3. ha main hindi samajhta hu .. well meri duniya utna bhi virtual nahi hain .. to hum facebook aur twitter se door hain .. aur khush hain πŸ™‚ ha goodreads is better.. i enjoy reading all book reviews there..

      4. Hahaha… Great.. I had commented on your 2percent surcharge on credit card but I can’t find it now. Can u see it from your side or have u deleted the post.. Some of my comments don’t show on various posts. WP is autoblocking hehehe

      5. Psychological thrillers, pure thriller, family saga, fantasy, paranormal, chick lit, just started horror and sci-fi but minimal romance and absolutely no erotica… Hehehe have I covered all?? What about u

      6. i mostly read self help, autobio/biographies, suspense and thrillers like sidney sheldon’s books.. i started reading indian fiction way back in 1997 . i almost read all category book , yeah no erotica ..

      7. Loner generally are amazing , you know why, because they talk to themselves more , in the sense, they analyse themselves more than anybody else and hence focus more on developing themselves than judging others πŸ™‚

  2. Hello Bhai!! 😊😊😊
    Hope you’re doing great. I wanted to tell you that very soon I’ll be uploading my video on YouTubeπŸ˜‡
    I am finally out of that phase and the now Everyone will see the all new channel!
    πŸ’š Thank you soo much for supporting me always!!!

    1. Fairy, thats great to hear sis .. im eager and curious.. im glad you took that decision.. nothing should stop you from doing incredible thing.. all the best .. and looking forward.. msg me whenever you feel like ..

  3. Collaboration is definitely important in almost any situation in today’s world. And we should always have the presence of mind to collaborate with the RIGHT people whenever we have a choice πŸ™‚

  4. True. It is good to be independent but everyone needs someone in some way or the other. Not just as bloggers but also generally in life, school, office,. We all need people. Everyday we collaborate with people. We make friends through collaboration. Very thoughtful. Thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚

  5. Hi bhaiya! Hope you’re doing great. I need your help, do you any co. Who can provide work from home job to a senior citizen. Actually my uncle needs it, he is retired and has an experience in content writing, he was also the senior editor of the magazine. If you have any contacts, do let me know!

      1. Yes, he’ll surely do it. All he wants is to earn a decent amount. I know it’s bit difficult but not impossible. Even I am trying it from my end.
        Thank you so much for your support πŸ’š I really hope that he gets one soon!

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